Work on SPS in the WTO, and official documents

Work on this subject is handled by the SPS Committee, which reports to the Goods Council. The work is officially recorded in the Committee’s annual reports to the General Council and in summary reports (equivalent to minutes) of the Committee’s meetings.

Use the links below to search for SPS documents, or go to the SPS Information Management System , which offers a wide range of search criteria. (What is the SPS-IMS?)


Work in the SPS Committee

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  • Annual reports of the SPS Committee to the Council for Trade in Goods (Document code varies)   > search   > help
  • Summary reports (minutes) of regular meetings of the SPS Committee (Document code G/SPS/R/*)   > search   > help
  • Major Decisions and Documents of the SPS Committee    > SPS decisions page
  • Working procedures of the SPS Committee    > search   > help


Other official SPS documents

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SPS documents use the code G/SPS/* (where * takes additional values)
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  • General documents of the SPS Committee (Document code G/SPS/GEN/*)   > search
  • Working documents of the SPS Committee (Document code G/SPS/W/*)   > search
  • Annual round-up of specific trade concerns: Secretariat note (Document code G/SPS/GEN/204/*)   > search 
  • Annual Overview on Transparency: (Document code G/SPS/GEN/804/*)   > search 
  • Technical assistance activities: (Document code G/SPS/GEN/997/* and G/SPS/GEN/521/*)   > search 
  • Review of the operation and implementation of the SPS Agreement — Reports:    > search 
  • Disputes (requests for consultations) involving SPS (Document code varies)    > search  > SPS Disputes page
  • International Harmonization: procedure to monitor international harmonization (Document code varies)   > search 
  • Regionalization: Annual reports   > search 
  • Observer Status of International Intergovernmental Organizations in the SPS Committee   > search 
  • Update on the Operation of the Standards and Trade Development Facility (STDF)   > search 
  • Specific Trade Concerns    > search 
  • Notifications on SPS:
    Search notifications and generate their own lists using the
    > SPS IMS
  • The actual notifications (Document code G/SPS/N/*)
      > search
  • Member governments’ enquiry points on SPS back to top
    For transparency, WTO Members are required to notify “SPS enquiry points” and “national notification authorities”. The enquiry points are responsible for answering relevant questions in the SPS area. The notification authorities are responsible for ensuring that new or changed SPS measures are notified to the WTO.
    Enquiry points (Can be found on)   > SPS Information Management System
    Notification authorities
    (Can be found on)   > SPS Information Management System

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