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TBT Transparency Working Group

At the TBT Committee meeting in March 2022, members agreed to advance work on transparency through a working group to address and deliver on the long list of  transparency-related recommendations from the Ninth Triennial Review. The Transparency Working Group is open to all members and any progress will be presented for the Committee's consideration.

Current state of play

Current topics under discussion

Article 15.2 notifications

Draft Guidelines for Submitting Article 15.2 Notifications (JOB/TBT/521)

United States Proposal for submitting Article 15.2 notifications in ePing

Article 15.2 overview: Secretariat presentation

Draft template and guidelines for submitting 15.2 notifications: Secretariat presentation (Transparency Working Group meeting 12 March 2024)

Good Practice Guide on Commenting

Draft Good Practice Guide on Commenting on a Notification (JOB/TBT/522)

Draft Good Practice Guide on Commenting on a Notification: Presentation (Transparency Working Group meeting 12 March 2024)

Notification Formats and Guidelines

Notification guidelines adopted at the TBT Committee meeting of 8-10 November 2023

 Proposed changes to notification guidelines

Compilation of TBT notification formats & guidelines

TBT Notification formats: Secretariat presentation

Product Coverage of Notified Measures

Workshop on the harmonized system (HS) (Tenth Special Meeting of Information Exchange)
Product coverage (Thematic Session on Transparency)
Product coverage: Secretariat presentation


Transparency-related events  



Ninth Triennial Review

  • Report, activities and background information are here.

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