General WTO-related technical assistance and training

General WTO-related technical assistance and training mainly includes training activities designed to offer a broad understanding of all WTO-related matters.


Trade policy courses

The most thorough training on the WTO is provided through the Trade policy courses, which last eight weeks. These are held in Geneva and elsewhere. The purpose of the trade policy courses is to ensure that participants improve their understanding of all WTO-related issues, develop practical skills and extend their network of contacts. They also serve as a general introduction for those who may become specialists at a later stage.


Introduction courses

The main purpose of Geneva-based Introduction courses is the dissemination of general information about the WTO, its basic rules and disciplines and its functioning. The courses usually last three weeks.


Geneva-based thematic courses

Geneva-based thematic courses focus on one or a group of WTO-related topics, and usually last one or two weeks. Briefing on WTO work progress in the topics concerned is an integral part of these courses. The training methods put emphasis on interactive learning, practical exercises, case studies and debates.


WTO introduction and focus days

WTO introduction and focus days are usually held at the WTO's headquarters in Geneva and are aimed at newly arrived delegates in Geneva, non-governmental organizations, new WTO staff members, interns working in the Secretariat and interested officials from other international organizations.


Geneva Week

The “Geneva Week” course takes place at the WTO's headquarters in Geneva. It is aimed at representatives of WTO members who do not have missions in Geneva. The aim is to address the challenges faced by these representatives and to enhance their participation in the multilateral trading system. The WTO organizes the course and invites representatives from various capitals and Europe-based missions. More information is available here.


Geneva-based topic-specific symposia

Several stand-alone symposia for either capital-based or Geneva-based officials take place in Geneva on specific topics which largely reflect suggestions that emerged from various WTO bodies as well as areas that have priority attention in light of the Doha Development Agenda. See the list of activities.


Other training support at the WTO

Various products are provided directly by the WTO. These include newsletters for WTO members who do not have missions in Geneva, ad-hoc assistance, briefing sessions through video-conferencing, services for regional groups, and advice on legal issues. More information is available here


Regional and sub-regional capacity-building programmes

Short trade policy courses are proposed by the WTO as part of partnership arrangements with other organizations or with regional/sub-regional secretariats. They are held outside of Geneva and last one to three weeks.