International Export Regulations and Controls:
Navigating the global framework beyond WTO rules

International trade has a pivotal role to play in addressing multiple challenges facing the world, but the trading of certain products can entail risks, necessitating the need for measures such as export licences and restrictions in certain circumstances to manage these risks. This publication seeks to provide a better understanding of how particular international agreements and conventions operate in practice to regulate the export of high-risk and controlled goods and how these regulations co-exist with WTO rules.

The international agreements and conventions included in this publication have been formulated with the intention of protecting people and the environment, controlling drugs and harmful substances, and contributing to international peace and weapons controls. Produced in conjunction with the secretariats and implementing bodies of the relevant international agreements and conventions, the publication is intended to serve as a guide for policymakers, government officials, academia and members of the public with an interest in the areas covered.

Published in 2023.

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