Members’ transparency toolkit

Notification formats, handbooks, links to members’ lists (or “schedules”) of commitments and other aids for members’ transparency work on the subject.

> Agriculture Information Management System
a database of WTO information on agriculture, including notified information and questions and answers in the committee

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  • Agriculture Agreement technical summary and descriptive booklet (pdf)
  • Handbook on agriculture notification requirements: A practical guide for member governments’ officials on how to notify measures to the WTO.
    > The handbook in pdf format
    > Self-training module
  • AG-IMS Online Agriculture Notification System:
    • Video: How to use AGIMS
    • Practical Guide on online submission of tariff quota imports (Table MA:2) and domestic support (Table DS:1) notifications (pdf)

  • What to look for when reviewing notifications (Cairn's group paper)
  • Tariff Analysis Online (TAO) : search and analyze tariff data such as general information on applied tariffs and members’ binding commitments on maximum tariffs
  • Technical Assistance Activities
  • WTO technical assistance and training
  • Secretariat assistance for preparing notifications
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