Table of References to the Covered Agreements and other Instruments by Article


> Agreement on Agriculture
Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS)
Agreement on Implementation of Article VI of GATT 1994
Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures
Agreement on Safeguards
> Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures (SCM)
Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)
Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC)
Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures (TRIMs)
Anti-Dumping Agreement (Agreement on Implementation of Article VI of GATT 1994)
GATT 1947
GATT 1994
General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)
Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization
> Paris Convention (1967), as incorporated by reference in the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
SCM Agreement
TRIMs Agreement
TRIPS Agreement
Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes (DSU)
Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (1969)
Working Procedures for Appellate Review (issued under DSU 17.9)

Agreement on Agriculture     back to top

Part I

Art. 1(a) A.1.1

Art. 1(a)(ii) A.1.2, R.2.2.11, T.6.2.11

Art. 1(e) A.1.3, A.1.4, A.1.14C.1, A.1.33.2, A.1.38.11-12, S.2.12.7

Part II

Art. 3 A.1.20.2, A.1.30.1, A.1.34.3, A.1.38.15, C.4.27, J.1.21, S.2.41.3, S.7.7.2, T.6.2.11

Art. 3.1 A.1.4A, A.1.4B, T.1.2.12, T.1.4.1

Art. 3.2 R.2.2.11

Art. 3.3 A.1.5, A.1.5A, A.1.6, A.1.28.1, A.1.32.2, A.1.32.4, A.1.34.4, A.1.34.7, A.1.37.3

Part III

Art. 4 A.1.7

Art. 4.1 A.1.8, A.1.37.2, A.1.38.9, C.1.8

Art. 4.2 A.1.8.2-3, A.1.14.3-4, A.1.38.9, B.3.1.19, B.3.2.22, C.5.2, I.3.9.3, W.

Art. 4.2 and footnote 1 A.1.9, A.1.10, A.1.11, A.1.12, A.1.13, P.1.1.9, S.3.3.10

Art. 4.7 S.2.19

Art. 5 A.1.14

Art. 5.1(b) A.1.14.1

Art. 5.5 A.1.14.2

Part IV

Art. 6 A.1.34C.2.6, R.2.2.11, T.6.2.11

Art. 6.2 A.1.34C.2.5-6

Art. 6.3 A.1.8.3, A.1.14A, A.1.34E.5, A.1.38.3-10, R.2.2.11, S.2.14A.3, T.6.2.11

Part V

Art. 8 A.1.14B, A.1.30.1, A.1.34.3, A.1.38.15, C.4.27, J.1.21, S.2.41.3, S.7.7.2

Art. 9 A.1.30.1, A.1.34.3, S.2.12.12, S.2.41.3

Art. 9.1 A.1.4.4, A.1.5.1-2, A.1.50A.4, A.1.6.2-3, A.1.14C, A.1.31.1, A.1.32.1A, A.1.32.2, A.1.32.4, A.1.32A.5, A.1.33, A.1.33.2, A.1.33A.8, A.1.37.3, A.1.38.15, C.4.27

Art. 9.1 chapeau A.1.3.4, A.1.14D.1

Art. 9.1(a) A.1.14D.1, A.1.15, A.1.16, A.1.16A, A.1.17.1-2

Art. 9.1(b) A.1.17.3

Art. 9.1(c) A.1.3.4, A.1.14C.1, A.1.17, A.1.18, A.1.19, A.1.20, A.1.21, A.1.22, A.1.23, A.1.24, A.1.25, A.1.26, A.1.27, A.1.28, A.1.36.1, C.4.16, S.2.11.1

Art. 9.1(d) A.1.29

Art. 9.1(e) A.1.25.3

Art. 9.2 A.1.5A.2, A.1.29A

Art. 9.2(a)(i) A.1.14D.1

Art. 9.2(a)(ii) A.1.14D.1

Art. 9.2(b)(iii) A.1.5A.1

Art. 9.2(b)(iv) A.1.5A.1, A.1.14D.1

Art. 10 A.1.29B, S.2.41.3

Art. 10.1 A.1.4.4, A.1.6, A.1.29B, A.1.30, A.1.31, A.1.32, A.1.32A, A.1.32B, A.1.33, A.1.33A.6, A.1.33A.9, A.1.34B.2, J.1.15, M.1.10, S.2.11.1, S.3.4.2, S.7.3.24

Art. 10.2 A.1.29B.1, A.1.32B.1, A.1.33.2, A.1.33A, A.1.34B.2, A.1.38.13, I.3.9.5, I.3.10.12, O.2.10, S.2.11.2, W.2.3A.1-2

Art. 10.3 A.1.29B.1, A.1.34, A.1.34A, A.1.38.14, B.3.4.1-4, C.4.15

Art. 10.4 A.1.29B.1, A.1.32B.1, A.1.33A.6, A.1.34B

Part VII

Art. 13 A.1.34C, A.1.37.2

Art. 13(a) A.1.34C.1

Art. 13(b) A.1.34C.2

Art. 13(b)(ii) A.1.34C.2.1-2, A.1.34C.3, A.1.34C.4

Art. 13(c)(ii) A.1.38.1, S.2.11.1


Art. 21 A.1.6.4, A.1.37.4, C.4.27, T.1.4.1

Art. 21.1 A.1.37.1, A.1.38.2, A.1.38.13, S.2.11.2, T.1.3.1

Annex 1 H.1.4

Annex 2 A.1.34C.1.2, A.1.34D

para. 1 A.1.34D.1

para. 6 A.1.34C.1.2, A.1.34D.2

para. 6(a) A.1.34D.2.1

para. 6(b) A.1.34D.2.1-9

para. 6(c) A.1.34D.2.1, A.1.34D.2.5

para. 6(d) A.1.34D.2.1

para. 6(e) A.1.34D.2.1, A.1.34D.2.5-7

para. 11 A.1.34D.3

para. 11(b) A.1.34D.3.1-2

para. 11(e) A.1.34D.3.1-2

Annex 3 A.1.1, A.1.2, R.2.2.11

para. 7 A.1.8.3, A.1.14A.3, A.1.34E, A.1.38.3-9, S.2.14A.1-5

para. 8 A.1.35

Agreement on the Application of Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures (SPS)     back to top
 B.3.1.3, S.6.0, T.5.2

Art. 2 S.6.2

Art. 2.2 B.3.1.7, B.3.2.9-10, J.1.4, S.6.3, S.6.9.1-2, S.6.14.2-3, W.

Art. 2.3 S.6.2.1, S.6.4, S.6.17.1-3

Art. 3 I.3.8.1, S.6.5

Art. 3.1 B.3.1.11, S.6.5.1, S.6.6, S.6.8.1-2

Art. 3.2 S.6.5.1, S.6.6.1, S.6.6.3, S.6.7, S.6.8.1, S.6.20.5

Art. 3.3 B.3.1.11, B.3.3.3, P.3.5.1, S.6.3.4, S.6.8

Art. 3.3, footnote 2 S.6.8.4

Art. 5.1-8 S.6.8.4

Art. 5.1 B.3.2.11, J.1.4, J.1.7, S.6.2.1, S.6.3.1-4, S.6.3.8, S.6.8.4-5, S.6.8.8, S.6.9, S.6.10, S.6.11, S.6.12, S.6.13, S.6.14, S.6.20.1, S.6.20.3-6, S.6.23.1, S.7.8.1-2, T.4.5.2, T.6.4.1, W.

Art. 5.2 S.6.9.8-9, S.6.13, S.6.23.1

Art. 5.5 C.4.3-4, S.6.1.5, S.6.4.1, S.6.15, S.6.16, S.6.17, T.4.5.2

Art. 5.6 C.4.4, S.6.1.3-6, S.6.18

Art. 5.7 P.3.5.1, S.6.3.4, S.6.3.6, S.6.3.8, S.6.19, S.6.20, S.6.20A.1, S.6.21, S.6.22, S.6.23, T.6.4.1

Art. 8 S.6.9.9

Art. 11.2 B.3.1.6, B.3.2.3, S.4.1, S.4.6, S.4.7, S.4.17, S.7.8.1

Annex A S.6.20.1

para. 4 S.6.8.4, S.6.9, S.6.12.1-6, S.6.13.7

Annex B, para. 1 P.4.4, S.6.24

Annex C S.6.9.9 

Agreement on Implementation of Article VI of GATT 1994:
see Anti-Dumping Agreement (Agreement on Implementation of Article VI of GATT 1994)     back to top

Agreement on Import Licensing Procedures
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Art. 1.1 L.2.1, L.2.2

Art. 1.2 L.2.3

Art. 1.3 L.2.2, L.2.4

Art. 3.2 L.2.3

Agreement on Safeguards
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Art. 1 S.1.44.2, S.1.44.4

Art. 2 C.4.6, S.1.13, S.1.14, S.1.15, S.1.45.2

Art. 2.1 C.4.19, J.1.11, R.1.6.2, S.1.1.2, S.1.3, S.1.4, S.1.5, S.1.6, S.1.7, S.1.8, S.1.9, S.1.10, S.1.11, S.1.12, S.1.13.1, S.1.13.2, S.1.17.1, S.1.18.2, S.1.20.1, S.1.21.1, S.1.21.3, S.1.25.2, S.1.32.3, S.1.50.3, S.7.5.4

Art. 2.1, footnote 1 S.1.16

Art. 2.2 R.1.6.2, S.1.17

Art. 3 C.2.4-5, C.4.6, S.1.23.2, S.7.6.1, T.7.2.1

Art. 3.1 C.2.4, C.4.19, S.1.10, S.1.14.2, S.1.18, S.1.19, S.1.20, S.1.22, S.1.31.7, S.1.32.3, S.1.36.1, S.1.46, S.1.50.2-5

Art. 4 M.5.6, S.1.20.1

Art. 4.1(a) S.1.23, S.1.26.1

Art. 4.1(b) S.1.24

Art. 4.1(c) S.1.5, S.1.25

Art. 4.2 C.4.19, J.1.11, O.1.1, R.1.6.2, S.1.2.3, S.1.13.1, S.1.13.2, S.1.17.1, S.1.30.2, S.1.31.7, S.1.32.3, S.1.41.2, S.7.5.1, S.7.5.4

Art. 4.2(a) A.3.22.1, S.1.2.1, S.1.2.2, S.1.7.1, S.1.7.2, S.1.12.1, S.1.13.1, S.1.14.1, S.1.26, S.1.27, S.1.28, S.1.29.1, S.1.35.2, S.7.4.2-4, S.7.5.1

Art. 4.2(b) S.1.2.3, S.1.12.1, S.1.14.1, S.1.27.1, S.1.29, S.1.30, S.1.31, S.1.32, S.1.35.2, S.1.36, S.1.43.1, S.7.5.4

Art. 4.2(c) C.2.4-5, S.1.33, S.1.36.1, S.1.47, S.1.50.4, S.7.5.3

Art. 5.1 C.4.8, I.3.2.6, J.1.12, S.1.31.6, S.1.34, S.1.35, S.1.36

Art. 5.2(b) S.1.37

Art. 8.1 S.1.38, S.1.42.3, S.1.42.4

Art. 8.2 S.1.38.2, S.1.42.4

Art. 9.1 S.1.39

Art. 11.1(a) S.1.44.2

Art. 12.1 S.1.40, S.1.41.3

Art. 12.1(b) S.1.41.2, S.1.41.3, S.1.42.2

Art. 12.1(c) S.1.40.3, S.1.41.2, S.1.41.3

Art. 12.2 S.1.41, S.1.42.1

Art. 12.3 S.1.38.1, S.1.38.3, S.1.42

Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures (SCM)  
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 S.2.0, T.5.1

Part I

Art. 1 S.2.19B.6.2

Art. 1.1 A.1.3.1, A.1.15.1, C.4.29, O.2.3, S.2.2, S.2.10, S.2.19B.7.1, S.2.26.1, S.2.27.1, S.2.29.1

Art. 1.1(a)(1) S.2.3, S.2.3A, S.2.10.1

Art. 1.1(a)(1)(i) S.2.3.1, S.2.3A

Art. 1.1(a)(1)(ii) A.1.3.3, S.2.3.1, S.2.4

Art. 1.1(a)(1)(ii), footnote 1 S.2.5

Art. 1.1(a)(1)(iii) S.2.1.2, S.2.6, S.2.7

Art. 1.1(a)(1)(iv) A.1.25.3, C.4.35, E.3.1.6, E.3.2.9-10, E.3.2.29, S.2.3.1, S.2.8

Art. 1.1(b) E.3.2.27, E.3.2.29, S.2.2.3, S.2.9, S.2.10.1, S.7.2.18

Art. 1.2 C.4.29, S.2.10A

Art. 2 S.2.9.7, S.2.10A, S.2.19B.6.2

Part II S.2.2.2, S.2.2.4, S.2.19.4

Art. 3 C.7.3, J.1.21, O.1.2, S.2.2.3, S.2.11.2, S.2.19.7, S.7.7.2

Art. 3, chapeau C.4.27

Art. 3.1 A.1.38.1

Art. 3.1(a) A.1.3.3, A.1.4.1-3, A.1.20.7, A.1.38.13, A.1.38.15, B.3.3.4, B.3.3.6, C.4.27, J.1.10, J.1.17-18, O.2.3, R.4.2.1, S.2.2.1, S.2.11, S.2.12, S.2.13, S.2.14, S.2.15.1, S.2.16.1, S., S.2.38.1, S.2.38.12, S.2.41.3, S.3.1.5

Art. 3.1(a), footnote 4 S.2.12.2A, S.2.12.4, S.2.14.1

Art. 3.1(a), footnote 5 S.2.40.4

Art. 3.1(b) A.1.14A.2-3, A.1.34E.3, A.1.34E.5, A.1.38.2-4, C.4.10, I.3.7.10, S.2.14A, S.2.15, S.2.16

Art. 3.2 A.1.38.15, C.4.27

Art. 4.1-4 C.7.2, R.2.4.1, S.2.17

Art. 4.2 C.7.3, C.7.14, S.2.18

Art. 4.3 C.7.2, R.2.4.1

Art. 4.7 C.4.27, I.3, J.1.21, R.4.1.30, R.4.3.7-11, S.2.19, S.7.7.2

Art. 4.10 S.2.19.6

Part III A.1.34C.1.1, S.2.2.2, S.2.19B.5.3, S.2.19B.6.2

Art. 5 S.2.2.3, S.2.19A

Art. 5(c) O.2.9, S.2.19A.1-2, S.2.19B.5.1, S.2.19B.7.1

Art. 5.1 B.3.5.1-2

Art. 6.1(a), footnote 14 S.2.19B.6.3

Art. 6.1(b) S.2.9.7

Art. 6.2 S.2.19B.8.3

Art. 6.3 S.2.25A.5

Art. 6.3(c) I.3.11.5, O.2.9, S.2.19A, S.2.19B, S.3.3.12, S.3.3.16, S.3.3.21, S.3.3.23, S.7.3.21-2, S.7.3.47, W.

Art. 6.3(d) M.3.4, S.3.4.1

Art. 6.4 S.2.19B.8.4

Art. 6.8 O.2.9, S.2.19B.6.4, S.2.19B.3.1

Art. 7.8 I.1, R.4.1.30, S.2.19C

Part IV S.2.2.2

Part V A.3.63.1, S.2.1.1, S.2.27.2, S.2.36.11, S.2.41.1

Art. 10 S.2.9.7, S.2.10.2, S.2.31.7, S.2.41.4-5

Art. 10, footnote 36 S.2.9.7, S.2.43.1-2

Art. 11 S.2.21.1, S.2.32.7, S.2.33.1, S.2.34.1

Art. 11.2 S.2.25A.4

Art. 11.4 A.3.28.1, S.2.20

Art. 11.9 A.3.28A, I.3.3.2, I.3.10.11, S.2.21, S.2.32.2, S.2.32.5

Art. 11.11 A.3.28B, S.19.21A

Art. 12 E.3.2.9-10, S.2.33.1

Art. 12.1 S.2.21B

Art. 12.1.1 A.3.28B.1, S.19.21A.1

Art. 12.3 S.2.21D.1

Art. 12.7 S.2.21C

Art. 12.8 S.2.21D

Art. 12.9 S.2.21D

Art. 14 S.2.9.6, S.2.9.12, S.7.2.18

Art. 14, chapeau S.2.22

Art. 14(a) S.2.22.3

Art. 14(a)-(b) S.2.22.3

Art. 14(b) S.2.22.3

Art. 14(d) C.4.20, S.2.23, S.2.24

Art. 15 S.2.25

Art. 15.1 S.7.4.7

Art. 15.2 S.2.25A.7

Art. 15.3 S.2.25.1

Art. 15.4 S.2.25A.7

Art. 15.5 A.3.23A.1, S.2.25A, S.2.25A.7, S.7.4.7

Art. 15.7 A.3.23A.1, A.3.27.4, C.4.31, S.2.25B, S.7.4.7, S.7.4.14-15

Art. 15.7(ii) A.3.27.5, S.2.25B.3

Art. 15.7(iv) A.3.27.6-7, S.225B.4-5

Art. 15.8 S.7.4.7

Art. 19.1 S.2.25A.7, S.2.26

Art. 19.2 A.3.39.4

Art. 19.3 A.3.39.4, S.2.9.7, S.2.27

Art. 19.4 A.3.39.4, S.2.19B.7.2, S.2.28, S.2.29.1, S.2.31.7

Art. 21 S.2.29, S.2.31.7, W.2.7A

Art. 21.1 S.2.29.1, S.2.30, S.2.31.1, S.2.31.7

Art. 21.2 A.3.44B.2, B.3.2.20, S.2.31

Art. 21.3 A.3.63.3, I.3.3.1-2, I.3.10.11, S.2.21.1-2, S.2.31.5, S.2.32, S.2.33.1

Art. 21.4 S.2.33

Art. 22 S.2.34, S.7.4.7

Art. 22.1 S.2.34.1

Art. 22.5 E.3.1.6

Art. 22.7 S.2.34.1

Art. 22.7, footnote 55 S.


Art. 27 S.2.35

Art. 27.2(b) B.3.3.4, S.

Art. 27.4 B.3.3.4, S.2.35.1

Art. 27.10 S.2.35.2

Art. 27.11 S.2.35.2

Part XI

Art. 32.1 A.3.61.5-7, A.3.61.10, I.3.4.2, I.3.7.9, M.5.7, S.2.10.2, S.2.36, S.2.41.4, S.2.41.5, T.6.2.18

Art. 32.1, footnote 56 A.3.61.14, S.2.36.9

Art. 32.3 S.2.41.2, T.5.1.1-2

Annex I (Illustrative List of Export Subsidies) S.2.9.7

(a) A.1.38.15, C.4.27

(c) A.1.25.3

(d) A.1.25.3, A.1.38.15, C.4.27

(e), footnote 59 B.3.3.7, O.2.3, S.2.2.1

(e), footnote 59, first sentence S.2.37

(e), footnote 59, fifth sentence S.2.38, S.3.1.5

(j) A.1.20.7, A.1.25.3, A.1.38.14, B.3.4.3, J.1.17-18, S.2.39, S.3.3.17, S.7.3.23

(k) A.1.20.7, A.1.25.3, S.2.39.1, S.2.40

Annex IV S.2.9.7

Annex V O.2.9, S.2.19B.3.1, S.2.19B.6.4

Agreement on Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT)
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T.4.0, T.5.3

Art. 2.1 A.2.2.7, C.4.12

Art. 2.2 C.4.12, T.4.4.2

Art. 2.4 B.3.1.11, T.4.3, T.4.4, T.4.5, T.5.3.2

Art. 2.8 C.4.12

Art. 2.9.2 T.4.1.4

Annex 1.1 T.4.1

Annex 1.2 T.4.2

Agreement on Textiles and Clothing (ATC)
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Art. 6 B.3.1.2, E.3.1.4, P.3.1.6, S.7.6.1, T.7.1

Art. 6.2 T.7.2, T.7.3, T.7.4, T.7.5

Art. 6.4 M.3.3, P.3.6.1, T.7.6

Art. 6.10 R.3.1-2, T.7.7

Art. 6.11 R.3.2, T.7.8

Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)
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Part I

Art. 1.2 T.9.1, T.9.10.1

Art. 2.1 C.4.18, I.3.7.8, T.9.2

Art. 3.1 C.4.18, N.1.14

Art. 4 C.4.18, M.2.3

Part II

Sections 1-7 T.9.1.1

Section 2

Art. 15.1 T.9.3, T.9.4.1

Art. 15.2 T.9.4

Art. 16.1 T.9.5, T.9.6, T.9.10.6

Section 5

Art. 27 T.9.14.1

Art. 33 T.9.7, T.9.8, T.9.9, T.9.11.2, ARB.5.5.7

Part III

Section 1 T.9.10.2

Art. 41.1 T.9.10.2

Section 2 T.9.10.3

Art. 42 C.4.18, T.9.10

Part IV, Art. 62.2 T.9.8

Part V

Art. 63 R.2.2.5, T.6.2.6

Art. 64 I.3.5.1

Part VI, Art. 65 T.9.14.1

Part VII

Art. 70 T.9.11

Art. 70.1 P.3.4.4, T.9.11, T.9.12, W.2.12.6

Art. 70.2 T.9.9, T.9.11, T.9.12.4, T.9.13, W.2.12.6

Art. 70.8(a) T.9.14

Art. 70.9 T.9.15

Paris Convention (1967), as incorporated by reference in the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS) T.9.6.1

Art. 6(1) P.2.1

Art. 6quinquies P.2.2, W.2.12.7

Art. 8 C.4.18, I.3.7.8, P.2.3, T.9.2.1-3

Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures (TRIMs)
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Anti-Dumping Agreement (Agreement on Implementation of Article VI of GATT 1994)     back to top

Part I

Art.2 A.3.1, A.3.2, A.3.39, A.3.40.1, A.3.40B.5, A.3.49, A.3.52B.1, A.3.65.1, C.4.32-3, R.2.2.10, S.2.36.5, T.6.2.10

Art. 2.1 A.3.1A.1-5, A.3.3, A.3.4, A.3.5, A.3.6, A.3.7, A.3.8, A.3.12.1, A.3.14.8, A.3.14.12, A.3.40A.9, A.3.49.0-1, A.3.65.18-19, I.3.12.2

Art. 2.2 A.1.8A

Art. 2.2.1 A.3.4.1, A.3.9, A.3.14.10, A.3.40A.10

Art. A.3.9A, A.3.9B

Art. 2.2.2 A.3.10

Art. 2.2.2(ii) A.3.11

Art. 2.4 A.3.6.1, A.3.9A.1, A.3.12, A.3.13, A.3.13.1, A.1.13A, A.3.49.2-4, A.3.60.7, C.4.12-13, C.4.32-3, I.3.12.2, J.1.22

Art. 2.4.2 A.3.0.1, A.3.8.2-3, A.3.9A.1, A.3.12.3-4, A.3.14, A.3.40B.3, A.3.40A.7, A.3.40A.11, A.3.42, A.3.60.1, A.3.60.7, A.3.65.8, A.3.65.12, A.3.65.16, A.3.65.18, C.4.32-3, C.5.5, I.3.12.1-2, L.1.19, M.1.11, S.7.3.31

Art. 2.4.2, second sentence A.1.14A

Art. 3 A.3.39, A.3.40.1, A.3.52B, B.3.1.10

Art. 3, footnote 9 A.3.15A, A.3.52A.1

Art. 3.1 A.3.7.1, A.3.15, A.3.16, A.3.17, A.3.18, A.3.19, A.3.21.1, A.3.22.4, A.3.22.6, A.3.23.2, A.3.24.6, A.3.44.1, A.3.44.3, A.3.57.2, A.3.58.2, A.3.59.3, A.3.60.4, P.1.1.5, R.2.2.9, S.7.4.7

Art. 3.2 A.3.7.1, A.3.15.1, A.3.16.5, A.3.18, A.3.18.1, A.3.18.2, A.3.19, A.3.20, A.3.21.1, A.3.24.6, A.3.44.1, A.3.44.3, A.3.60.4

Art. 3.3 A.3.15.1, A.3.20.1, A.3.21, A.3.48A.3, R.4.6.4

Art. 3.4 A.3.1A.3, A.3.15.1, A.3.22, A.3.23, A.3.32.2, A.3.32.3, E.3.2.4, S.7.3.16

Art. 3.5 A.3.15.1, A.3.23A, A.3.24, A.3.25, A.3.26, C.4.14, C.4.31, R.4.2.3, R.4.3.5-6, S.1.43.1, S.2.25.2, S.7.4.7, S.7.4.14-15

Art. 3.6 A.3.15.1

Art. 3.7 A.3.15.1, A.3.23A.1, A.3.27, C.4.31, R.4.0.9, S.2.25A.1, S.7.4.7

Art. 3.7(i) A.3.27.5

Art. 3.7(iii) A.3.27.6-7, S.2.25B.4-5

Art. 3.8 A.3.15.1, S.7.4.7

Art. 5 A.3.66.1, R.2.2.10

Art. 5.2(ii) A.3.1A.3

Art. 5.4 A.3.1A.3, A.3.28, S.2.20.1

Art. 5.8 A.3.1A.3, A.3.14.22, A.3.28A, A.3.40A.8, A.3.40B.6, S.2.21.1

Art. 5.10 A.3.28B

Art. 6 A.3.29, A.3.51A.2, A.3.53

Art. 6.1 A.3.30, A.3.31.2-3, A.3.53.1

Art. 6.1, footnote 15 A.3.30.5

Art. 6.1.1 A.3.1A.3, A.3.28B, A., A.3.34.2-3, A.3.35.3, S.19.21A.1

Art. 6.1.3 A.3.30.2

Art. 6.2 A., A.3.31, A.3.53.1

Art. 6.4 A.3.31.1, A.3.32, A.3.53.1

Art. 6.7 A.3.1A.3

Art. 6.8 A.3.33, A.3.34, A.3.35, A.3.36, A.3.41.1, A.3.43

Art. 6.9 A.3.53.1

Art. 6.10 A.3.1A.1-5, A.3.1A.3, A.3.14.22, A.3.18.2, A.3.19.2, A.3.19.4, A.3.37, A.3.40A.3, A.3.40A.8, A.3.40B.6, A.3.53.2, S.2.27.1

Art. 6.10.2 A.3.1A.3, A.3.40B.6

Art. 6.13 A.3.38

Art. 7 A.3.38A, A.3.66.1, A.3.66.3, T.6.1.20

Art. 7.1 A.3.38A.2, T.6.1.20

Art. 9 A.3.39, A.3.64.1, A.3.65.2, R.4.0.12, S.2.26.2

Art. 9.1 A.3.39.3-4, I.3.11.2, S.2.26.2

Art. 9.2 A.3.39.4, A.3.40, S.2.26.2

Art. 9.3 A.3.12.2-3, A.3.14.13, A.3.14.22, A., A.3.39.4, A.3.40A, A.3.60.7, A.3.60.11, A.3.65.13-15, A.3.65.20, C.4.32-3, C.5.5, I.3.12.2, S.2.26.2, W.2.3.4

Art. 9.3.1 A.3.39.4, A.3.40A.1, A.3.40A.10, A.3.40B, A.3.40C, S.2.26.2

Art. 9.3.1, footnote 20 A.3.40C, S.5.5

Art. 9.3.2 A.3.40A.1, A.3.40B, A.3.40C, A.3.41A.2-5, A.3.44B.2, B.3.2.20, S.2.31.9

Art. 9.4 A.3.1A.1, A.3.14.10, A.3.40.1, A.3.40B.6, A.3.41, A.3.42, A.3.43, A.3.44, I.3.11.2

Art. 9.4(i) A.3.41.1

Art. 9.4(ii) A.3.41A

Art. 9.5 A.3.1A.1, A.3.1A.5, A.3.40B.6, A.3.44A, A.3.60.7, C.4.33
Art. 11.1 A.3.44B, C.4.32-3

Art. 11.2 A.3.44B, B.3.2.20, C.4.32-3, S.2.31.9

Art. 11.3 A.3.8, A.3.13, A.3.15A.1, A.3.21.6, A.3.40.1, A.3.45, A.3.46, A.3.47, A.3.47A, A.3.48, A.3.48A, A.3.49, A.3.50, A.3.51, A.3.51A, A.3.52, A.3.52A, A.3.52B, A.3.52C, A.3.53.2-3, A.3.60.7, A.3.63.3, C.4.30, C.4.33, E.3.2.6-7, I.5, I.7, M.3.7, R.4.1.22-5, R.4.5.2

Art. 11.4 A.3.45.4-6, A.3.47A.2, A.3.51A.2, A.3.53, I.7, R.4.1.25

Art. 12 S.7.4.7

Art. 12.1 A.3.53A.1

Art. 13 A.3.53B, M.5.18, S.5.5

Part II

Art. 17 A.3.54, J.2.1.10, L.1.2, S.5.2-3

Art. 17.3 A.3.55, A.3.62.2, J.2.1.10, L.1.2, L.1.7, L.1.17, S.5.1

Art. 17.4-17.7 S.5.4

Art. 17.4 A.3.56, J.2.1.11, L.1.6, R.2.1.3, R.2.1.4, R.2.3.3, T.6.1.5-6

Art. 17.5 A.3.57, A.3.58.2, A.3.59.2, A.3.59.6, R.2.1.4

Art. 17.6 A.3.57.2, A.3.58, A.3.63.1-2, S.4.14, S.7.1.2, S.7.1.4, S.7.1.5, S.7.2.1, T.6.1.5-6

Art. 17.6(i) A.3.57.4, A.3.58.4, A.3.58.5, A.3.59, S.4.14, S.7.1.1, S.7.1.6

Art. 17.6(ii) A.3.22.2, A.3.40A.6, A.3.40A.12, A.3.58.4, A.3.58.5, A.3.60, A.3.65.15, A.3.65.20, S.7.1.7, W.2.3.4

Part III

Art. 18.1 A.3.61, A.3.65.4-5, A.3.66A.2, G.3.6.9, I.3.4.2, M.5.7, S.2.36.1-5, T.6.2.18

Art. 18.1, footnote 24 A.3.61.2, A.3.61.4, A.3.61.14, G.3.6.9, S.2.36.9

Art. 18.4 A.3.55.3, A.3.62, C.4.32-3, L.1.8, L.1.17, M.1.3, M.1.9, R.4.0.12

  Annex II A.3.33, A.3.34, A.3.35, A.3.36

para. 1 A.3.33.2, A.3.34.2-3, A.3.35.1-3

para. 2 A.3.36.2

para. 3 A.3.34.1-3

para. 5 A.3.36.2

para. 7 A.3.36.1, A.3.43.2, P.3.1.5

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see General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)     back to top

GATT 1947:
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GATT 1994
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Part I

Art. I G.3.9.2, G.3.12.2, M.2.1, S.6.5.1, S.6.8.1, T.1.3.3, T.2.6, T.2.8, W.1.1-2

Art. I:1 B.3.3.2, B.3.3.9, B.3.3.13, E.1.1, J.1.23, M.2.1.1-5, N.3.4, R.2.2.17, T.2.9

Art. II N.1.13.1, R.2.2.13, S.6.8.1, T.1.1A, T.2.8, T.6.2.16

Art. II:1 B.3.3.2, I.3.5.5, T.1.1, T.1.2.6

Art. II:1(a) I.8, T.1.1.1

Art. II:1(b) A.3.64.3, B.3.3.21, C.1.8, C.2.3, C.5.2, H.1.9-11, I.8, M.3.11, N.1.1A.2-4, R.2.2.13, T.1.1.1-2, T.1.1.3, T.1.1.5-6, T.1.1A.2-5, T.1.2.8, T.1.2.15, T.1.3.4-5, T.6.2.16, W.

Art. II:1(c) T.1.1.6

Art. II:2(a) A.3.64.3, B.3.3.21, N.1.1A.1, T.1.1.5-9, T.1.1A.1

Art. II:2(b) A.3.64.3

Art. II:4 S.7A.1.3

Art. II:7 I.3.5.4, I.3.9.8, T.1.2.1, T.1.2.12, T.1.3.1, T.1.5.1

Part II

Art. III B.3.3.2, G.1.1.1, G.3.9.2, G.3.12.2, J.2.1.16, S.6.5.1, T.3.1

Art. III:1 M.2.2.2, N.1.1, N.1.1A.3, N.1.9.2, N.1.11.2, N.1.11.7, N.1.13.1

Art. III:2 C.4.2, C.4.11, D.1.0, H.1.1, H.1.9-11, M.3.11, N.1.1.2-4, N.1.1A, N.1.2, N., N.1.5, N.1.6, N.1.7, N., N.1.9.3, N.1.11.7, N.1.13.1, N.3.1, T.1.1.5, T.1.1.7-8, T.1.1A, T.1.2.15, T.3.2

Art. III:2, first sentence N.1.3, N.1.4, N.1.11.2, S.3.3.1

Art. III:2, Ad Note T.3.2

Art. III:2, second sentence N.1.8

Art. III:4 A.0.2.1, C.5.1, G.3.2, G.3.6.3, G.3.9.2, J.1.10, N.1.1.4, N., N.1.9, N.1.10, N.1.11, N.1.14.1, S.2.16.1, W.2.3.1, W.2.3.3

Art. III:8 S.2.42

Art. VI A.3.14.11, A.3.61.3-4, A.3.64, A.3.65, I.3.12.1-2, S.2.1.1, S.2.41.1, S.2.41.2, S.7A.1.3

Art. VI:1 A.3.1A, A.3.1.1, A.3.8, A.3.14.8, A.3.40B.6, A.3.60.7, A.3.61.8, A.3.65.1, A.3.65.17-19, C.4.32-3, S.2.36.4

Art. VI:2 A.3.8.3, A.3.14.5, A.3.16.4, A.3.40A, A.3.60.7, A.3.65.2, A.3.65.7-20, C.4.32-3, C.5.5, W.2.2.4

Art. VI:2 and VI:3, Ad Note A.3.66, A.3.66A, G.3.6.9

Art. VI:3 S.2.9.7, S.2.9.8, S.2.19B.7.2, S.2.29.1, S.2.36.11, S.2.41.4, S.2.41.5, S.2.43

Art. VI:6(a) A.3.1A.3, S.2.25A.6

Art. VIII I.2.1

Art. X T.2.4

Art. X:1 A.0.2.1, E.3.2.16-17, G.3.5B.1, P.4.1, P.

Art. X:2 P.4.2

Art. X:3 P.4.3

Art. X:3(a) C.1.10, C.4.22, E.3.1.9, E.3.2.16, E.3.2.18, I.5, L.1.21, L.2.4, P.5.3.1, R.2.3.24, T.2.4, T.6.3.15

Art. X:3(b) P.5.3.2

Art. XI C.5.1, G.3.9.2, G.3.11.10, G.3.12.2, T.2.8

Art. XI, Ad Note S.7A.1.3

Art. XI:1 B.3.3.2, G.3.11.6, R.2.3.26, T.2.8

Art. XI:2 T.2.8

Art. XI:2(c)(i) B.3.3.2

Art. XII, Ad Note S.7A.1.3

Art. XIII A.1.8.2-3, A.1.37.1-2, A.1.37A, J.1.23, T.1.3.1, T.1.3.3, T.2.6, W.1.1-2

Art. XIII, Ad Note S.7A.1.3

Art. XIII:1 T.2.1, T.2.8-9

Art. XIII:2 T.2.2, T.2.7, T.2.8-9, W.

Art. XIII:2(d) S.3.1.3, T.2.5, T.2.8-9

Art. XIII:4 W.

Art. XIII:5 T.2.9

Art. XIV, Ad Note S.7A.1.3

Art. XV:2 I.2.2-3, S.4.3

Art. XVI S.

Art. XVI:1 A.1.34C.1.1, A.1.34C.2.1

Art. XVI:2 G.1.3.6

Art. XVI:2, chapeau T.1.2.8

Art. XVI:3 M.3.6, S.3.4.7

Art. XVI:4 S.2.41.3

Art. XVII S.7A.3

Art. XVII, Ad Note S.7A.2

Art. XVII:1 S.7A.1, W.

Art. XVII:1(a) J.1.14, O.2.8, S.7A.1.1-2, S.7A.4.2

Art. XVII:1(b) C.5.3, J.1.14, O.2.8, S.7A.4, S.7A.5, W.2.7A.1

Art. XVII:3 S.7A.6

Art. XVIII, Ad Note S.7A.1.3

Art. XVIII:9 B.1.1.1-2

Art. XVIII:11 J.2.1.6

Art. XVIII:11, Ad Note B.1.1, B.3.1.9, B.3.3.5

Art. XVIII:11, Proviso B.1.2

Art. XVIII:12 J.2.1.6

Art. XVIII, Section B J.2.1.4

Art. XIX C.4.6, I.3.7.6, S.1.1.1, S.1.1.2, S.1.2.3, S.1.7.3, S.1.18.1, S.1.35.4, S.1.44.1-4, S.1.45, S.1.47, S.7.5.4

Art. XIX:1(a) C.4.7, C.4.19, I.3.2.5, S.1.6.1, S.1.6.2, S.1.6.3, S.1.7.4, S.1.8.1, S.1.18.2, S.1.21.2, S.1.32.3, S.1.45.1, S.1.45.2, S.1.46.1, S.1.46.2, S.1.47.1, S.1.48, S.1.49, S.1.50, S.7.5.3

Art. XX B.3.3.1-2, G.3.1, G.3.5, G.3.6, G.4.1, O.2.1-2, S.6.5.1, S.6.8.1

Art. XX (chapeau) E.2.2-3, G.3.3A.11, G.3.11, G.3.12, G.3.13, P.3.1.1, P.3.1.8

Art. XX(a) G.3.3A

Art. XX(b) G.3.2, G.3.3, G.3.3A.8, G.3.4, G.3.4A, G.3.12.11, N.1.12.1, R.1.7.1, R.2.3.26, W.2.3.1, W.2.12.5

Art. XX(d) A.3.66A.3, B.3.3.20, C.5.4, G.3.5, G.3.5A, G.3.5B, G.3.6, M.3.11, S.9.3

Art. XX(g) C.4.1, G.3.1.1, G.3.7, G.3.8, G.3.9, G.3.10, I.3.6.1, O.2.1, W.2.12.5

Art. XX(h) G.3.5A.1, G.3.5B.2

Art. XXII A.3.54.1, A.3.55.1-2, J.2.1.10, L.1.2

Art. XXIII A.3.54.1, A.3.55.1-2, I.3.5.1, J.2.1.4-6, J.2.1.10, L.1.2, S.2.1.1

Art. XXIII:1 R.5.2

Art. XXIII:1(b) N.2.1, N.2.2, W.2.3.1

Art. XXIII:2 G.3.5B.5, S.9.3

Part III

Art. XXIV R.1.6, S.1.16, S.1.17.1

Art. XXIV:4 R.1.1

Art. XXIV:5, chapeau R.1.2

Art. XXIV:5(a) R.1.2.2, R.1.3, R.1.6.1, S.1.16.2

Art. XXIV:8(a) R.1.2.2, R.1.6.1, S.1.16.2

Art. XXIV:8(a)(i) R.1.4

Art. XXIV:8(a)(ii) R.1.5

Art. XXVIII T.1.5.1, T.2.6

Art. XXVIII:2 T.1.5.1

Enabling Clause B.3.3.12, B.3.3.13, E.1.0, P.3.2

para. 1 B.3.3.9, E.1.1

para. 2(a) E.1.2, I.3.11.4

para. 2(a), footnote 3 E.1.2.4, E.1.2.7

para. 2(d) E.1.3

para. 3(a) E.1.4

para. 3(c) E.1.5

GATT 1947 B.2.1, S.1.44.1

Art. XXIII:1(a) J.2.1.9, L.1.1, M.1.1

Language of Annex 1A incorporating GATT 1994 into the WTO Agreement G.2.1

para. 1(b) G.2.1.4

para. 1(b)(iv) S.8.1

Marrakesh Protocol T.1.3.1

Schedule LXXX B.2.1, H.1.2, I.3.5.5, I.3.10.7, T.1.2.2, T.1.2.6, T.1.3.3

Understanding on the Balance-of-Payments Provisions of the GATT 1994, footnote 1 I.3.10.8, J.2.1.5-6

Understanding on the Interpretation of Article XXIV of GATT 1994, para. 2 R.1.3.1

General Agreement on Trade in Services (GATS)
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G.2.2, T.6.3.11

Part I

Art. I G.1.1

Art. I:1 G.1.0, G.1.1.1, G.1.1.3-7, M.2.2.3, N.1.10.2, O.2.4

Art. I:3(b) G.1.1.1

Part II

Art. II M.2.2, P.3.4.2, S.2.16.1

Art. II:1 M.2.2.1, M.2.2.3-4

Art. VIII:5 G.

Art. XIV D.2.2.25, G.4.0, O.1.16, O.2.11

Art. XIV, chapeau G.4.5

Art. XIV(a) B.3.3.17-18, G.3.3A.15, G.4.2, G.4.3, G.4.4

Art. XIV(a), footnote 5 G.4.2.2

Part III

Art. XVI B.3.2.16, G.1.3.1

Art. XVI:2 B.3.2.17

Art. XVI:2, chapeau G.1.3.3

Art. XVI:2(a) B.3.2.15, G., G.1.3.4

Art. XVI:2(c) B.3.2.15, G., G.1.3.5

Art. XVII J.1.10, M.2.2.1-2, N.1.13, P.2.3.2, R.2.2.3

Part IV, Art. XX:3 G., I.3.10.13

Part VI

Art. XXVIII(b) G.1.1.1, G., G.

Art. XXVIII(h) G.

Marrakesh Agreement Establishing the World Trade Organization     back to top

Preamble E.1.5.1, I.3.6.1, W.4.1

Art. II:2 G.2.1.3, G.2.2.1, I.3.7.7, S.1.44.3, S.2.41.2

Art. IX W.1.3

Art. IX:2 C.3.1, I.3.9A.1-2, W.1.4

Art. XVI:1 J.2.1.9, L.1.1, M.1.1, S.8.1, W.4.2

Art. XVI:4 C.5.1, R.4.0.12, W.1.5, W.4.3

Annex 1A (relationship between agreements within) A.1.37.4, A.3.55.2, S.1.44.1, S.1.44.3, S.2.41.1, S.2.41.4, T.1.4.1, T.2.3

Paris Convention (1967), as incorporated by reference in the Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS):
see under Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)     back to top

SCM Agreement:
see Agreement on Subsidies and Countervailing Measures (SCM)     back to top

TRIMs Agreement:
see Agreement on Trade-Related Investment Measures (TRIMs)     back to top

TRIPS Agreement:
see Agreement on Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS)     back to top

Understanding on Rules and Procedures Governing the Settlement of Disputes (DSU)
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, A.2.1.8, A.2.2

Art. 1 B.2.1

Art. 1.1 J.2.1.1, S.5.4

Art. 1.2 S.2.19.4, S.5.4, S.5.5

Art. 2 B.2.1

Art. 3.1 J.2.1.9, L.1.1, M.1.1

Art. 3.2 B.3.1.15, B.3.3.11, C.3.0, I.8, I.3.1.1, I.3.1.5, J.1.2, J.2.1.20, L.1.17, P.1.1.4, R.4.3.2, R.4.3.16, S.3.4.4, S.7.2A.8, S.8.3, S.8.5, T.6.1.14, ARB.5.1.2

Art. 3.3 C.1.3, C.4.11, C.4.14, C.7.15, G.1.1.8, L.1.4, R.2.3.23, R.2.5.6, R.4.3.1-2, R.4.3.17, R.5.1, R.5.11, S.3.4.4, S.7.2A.8, S.9.7, T.6.1.14, T.6.3.11, T.6.3.14, T.6.3.20, ARB.4.3.1, ARB.4.3.4

Art. 3.4 R.2.3.20, S.3.4.1, S.3.4.4

Art. 3.7 C.7.5, J.1.23, L.1.10, M.1.7, M.6.0, P.3.1.13-14, P.3.1.16-17, R.2.3.20, R.2.5.6, R.5.1, R.5.2, R.5.4, R.5.6, R.5.9, S.3.4.1, S.3.4.4, S.9.1, ARB.2.2, ARB.3.1.2, ARB.3.1.6

Art. 3.8 N.3.2-5

Art. 3.10 D.2.2.20, L.1.10, M.1.7, O.1.4, O.1.13, P.3.1.2-4, P.3.1.13, P.3.7.1, R.2.2.20, R.5.6, S.1.19.5, W.

Art. 4 C.7.2, C.7.4, R.2.3.8, R.2.4.1, T.6.3.3

Art. 4.2 C.7.11-13, C.7.18-19, G.1.1.8, R.2.1.11, R.2.3.15, T.6.3.11

Art. 4.3 C.7.6

Art. 4.4 C.7.16, C.7.20-1, R.2.2.21, S.2.18.1-2, T.6.1.19, W.

Art. 4.6 C.7.16, ARB.1.1.8

Art. 4.7 C.7.7

Art. 6 C.7.2, C.7.4, R.2.3.8, R.2.4.1, T.6.1.19, T.6.3.3

Art. 6.2 A.1.34A, A.3.56.1-3, A.3.57.1, C.1.3, C.1.8, C.1.10, C.7.8-10, C.7.20-1, D.2.2.32, O.1.9, O.1.13, R.2.1, R.2.2, R.2.3, R.2.4, R.2.5, R.4.4.1, T.6.1.3, T.6.1.5-7, T.6.1.9-10, T.6.1.17-18, T.6.2.2-11, T.6.2.21, T.6.2.22, T.6.3.4, T.6.3.10, T.6.3.13-16, T.6.3.18-19, W., W.3.1

Art. 7 A.3.56.1, A.3.56.9, C.1.2, C.1.4-5, R.2.1.2, R.2.1.3, R.2.1.4, R.2.2.1, R.2.2.3, T.6.1.1-11, T.6.1.19, T.6.2.1-3, T.6.3.17, W., W.3.4

Art. 7.1 A.3.56.9, C.7.18, J.1.9, R.2.1.6, T.6.1.9

Art. 7.2 D.2.2.14, J.1.9, O.1.6, T.6.2.21

Art. 7.13 S.3.1.3

Art. 8.3 D.2.2.31

Art. 8.7 D.2.2.31

Art. 9.2 P.1.3

Art. 9.3 M.4.1-2, M.4.4

Art. 10 D.2.2.16, T.8.4

Art. 10.1 T.8.5

Art. 10.2 A.2.2.4, T.8.5, W.2.9.1, W.2.9.2, W.2.9.7

Art. 10.3 T.8.4, T.8.5

Art. 11 A.3.58.6, A.3.59.4, A.3.59.6, A.3.59.9, A.3.60.3, A.3.60.8, B.3.1.16, B.3.2.19, C.2.1, C.2.4, C.2.6-7, C.3.0, D.2.2.19, D.2.2.24, E.3.1.1-2, E.3.1.4, E.3.2.2, E.3.2.5, E.3.2.20, E.3.2.27, E.3.2.34, E.3.2.36, G.4.4.5, I.6, I.8, I.1.3-6, I.2.3, J.1.1, J.1.9, J.1.20, L.1.18, M.5.3, O.2.12, P.1.1.8, S.2.19.4, S.3.2, S.3.3.7, S.3.3.12, S.3.3.17, S.3.3.21-2, S.3.4.2, S.4.6, S.4.12, S.4.13, S.4.19, S.6.1.1-2, S.7.1.3, S.7.1.5-12, S.7.2, S.7.2A, S.7.3, S.7.4, S.7.5, S.7.6, S.7.7, S.7.8, W.2.3.1, W.2.7.5, W.3.6

Art. 11.2 S.7.3.8

Art. 11.3 S.7.2.15, S.7.6.5

Art. 11.4 S.7.2.15, S.7.6.5

Art. 12 A.2.1.6, E.3.2.1, O.1.9, R.2.1.7

Art. 12.1 D.2.2.3, E.3.1.1, J.2.1.3, M.4.3, T.8.1, W.3.4, W.3.6

Art. 12.2 D.2.2.9, D.2.2.24, E.3.2.2, S.7.2.5

Art. 12.7 B.4.4, D.2.2.14, I.7, O.1.6, P.1.1, S.7.1.12, W.

Art. 12.12 T.6.3.17

Art. 13 A.2.1.6, A.3.59.8, B.3.1.6, B.3.2.3, E.3.2.1, E.3.2.36, I.2.2, S.4.0, S.7.3.7-8, S.7.3.15

Art. 13.1 I.1.1, I.1.5, S.4.3, S.4.8-9, S.7.8.1

Art. 13.2 S.4.3, S.4.12

Art. 15 S.7.3.13

Art. 16 B.4.4

Art. 16.4 R.4.3.4, W.2.0.1, W.2.0.2, W.2.0.3, W., W., W.

Art. 17 C.4.7-18

Art. 17.4 A.2.2.4, W.2.9.1, W.

Art. 17.5 W.

Art. 17.6 C.3.1.1, C.3.1.5, C.4.12, C.4.27, E.3.3.1, M.5.5, M.5.19, S.3.1.3, S.3.1.4, S.3.1.6-8, S.3.2.5, S.3.3, S.3.4.3, S.7.1.1, S.7.3.1, S.7.3.21, S.7.7.3, S.8.5

Art. 17.9 A.2.1.7, A.2.2.5, C.6.4, W.2.7B.1

Art. 17.10 B.4.3, C.6.4, W.2.11.3

Art. 17.12 S.3.1.6, S.3.4

Art. 17.13 C.3.1.1, S.3.1.3, S.3.3.1, S.8.13

Art. 17.14 R.4.3.1, R.4.3.4, R.4.3.7, S.2.19.6

Art. 18.2 B.4.3, C.6.2, C.6.4, W., W., W., W.

Art. 19 I.0.8

Art. 19.1 I.0, M.6.1, P.1.1.8, P., R.2.3.24, R.4.0.9, R.4.1.25, R.4.3.4, S.2.19C.1, S.7.1.12, T.6.3.15, T.6.3.17

Art. 19.2 C.3.2, R.5.8, T.6.1.14

Art. 21 A.3.45.3, R.2.5

Art. 21.1 A.3.40C.2, P.3.1.19, R.4.0.9, R.4.3.4, ARB.2.0, ARB.4.1.6, ARB.4.3.1, ARB.4.3.4, ARB.4.3.10, ARB.5.2.1

Art. 21.2 ARB.5.8.1, ARB.5.8.3, ARB.5.10

Art. 21.3 I.0.7, R.4.0.8, R.4.0.9-11, R.4.1.25, R.4.3.4, S.2.19.3, ARB.2.4, ARB.2.8, ARB.2.9, ARB.4.1.1

Art. 21.3(b) ARB.4.1.4

Art. 21.3(c) ARB.1.0, ARB.3.1.4, ARB.4.1.5, ARB.4.2ARB.4.3, ARB.4.4, ARB.5.0, ARB.6.0

Art. 21.4 ARB.4.3.4

Art. 21.5 B.3.1.28, B.3.5.1, D.2.2.31, I.0.9, P.1.1.5, R.0.4, R.2.3.30, R.2.5.4-6, R.4.0, S.9.6-9, T.6.3.18-19, W.2.3A.4, ARB.1.17, ARB.1.1.6

Art. 21.6 R.0.6

Art. 21.7 ARB.5.10.11

Art. 21.8 ARB.5.10.11

Art. 22 G.3.5B.3, S.9.3

Art. 22.1 R.4.3.4, ARB.3.1.2

Arts. 22.2-8 R.0.2

Art. 22.3(f) G.

Art. 22.4 P.3.6.1, S.9.2

Art. 22.6 M.3.2, N.3.5, S.9.1

Art. 22.8 B.3.5.1, P.3.1.18, R.0.2-5, R.4.6.2, R.4.6.4-5, S.7.4, S.9.4-10, T.6.4.1, ARB.3.1.2

Art. 23 G.3.5B.3, S.9.3, T.6.1.14

Art. 23.1 R.0.1-2, R.0.4-5, R.0.7, R.2.2.12, S.9.8, T.6.2.12

Art. 23.2 R.0.1-2, R.2.2.12, T.6.2.12

Art. 23.2(a) B.3.2.7, R.0.4-7, R.2.2.12, S.9.8, T.6.2.12-15

Art. 23.2(b) R.2.2.12

Art. 23.2(c) R.0.2, R.2.2.12, S.9.1, T.6.2.13

Art. 24.1 L.0.1

Appendix 1 J.2.1.4

Appendix 2 A.3.55.1, J.2.1.4, S.5.4

Appendix 3 D.2.2.2, D.2.2.3, D.2.2.16, E.3.1.1, J.2.1.3, M.4.3, O.1.1, P.1.3.2, T.8.1, T.8.3, W.3.3, W.3.6

para. 5 W.3.7

para. 6 W.3.7

para. 7 W.3.7

Appendix 4 S.4.2, W.3.2

Vienna Convention on the Law of Treaties (1969)
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A.1.4A.1, A.3.1A.5, A.3.60.2, A.3.60.10, T.1.2.12

Art. 26 P.3.1.9-10

Art. 27 R.4.0.12

Art. 28 P.3.4, T.5.1.1, T.5.3.1

Art. 31 A.0.1.1, A.1.33A.7, A.3.1A.5, A.3.60.2, G., G., I.3.1, I.3.2.1, I.3.2.3, I.3.2.12, I.3.5.2, I.3.5.4, I.3.7.1-2, I.3.8.2-3, I.3.9.2, I.3.10.2, I.3.10.5, I.3.10.12, I.3.10.14, I.3.10.28-32, S.8.1, T.1.2.1

Art. 31(1) G., I.3.1.1, I.3.2.13, I.3.3.9, I.3.6.2

Art. 31(2) G., I.3.3.4, I.3.3.8, T.1.2.15

Art. 31(2)(a) H.1.3-4

Art. 31(3)(a) I.3.9A, W.1.5

Art. 31(3)(b) G., H.1.3, I.3.3.6-7, I.3.9.3-4, I.3.9.6-11, I.3.10.17, T.1.2.10-11

Art. 32 A.0.1.1, A.1.33A.7, A.1.37.2, A.1.37A.3, A.3.60.2, G., G., I.3.1, I.3.8.2-3, I.3.9.8, I.3.10, I.3.10.12, I.3.10.13-14, I.3.10.17, I.3.10.28-32, I.3.12.2, T.1.2.3, T.1.2.10, T.1.2.13

Art. 33 I.3.11

Art. 33(3) I.3.11.2-3, I.3.11.5

Art. 33(4) I.3.11.1

Art. 59(1) B.2.1

Working Procedures for Appellate Review (issued under DSU 17.9)
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, A.2.2.5, W.2.0

Rule 3(1) W.2.2

Rule 3(2) W.2.3, W.2.3A

Rule 8 W.2.4

Rule 13 W.2.5

Rule 15 W.2.5A

Rule 16 W.2.6, W., W.

Rule 16(1) A.2.3.1-3, W.2.2.1, W.2.6.6, W.2.6.8, W.2.6.12, W.2.6.16, W., W., W., W., W., W.

Rule 16(2) W.2.6.7, W.2.6.13-14, W., W., W., W.

Rule 18(1) W.2.6A.7-8, W.2.6A.10

Rule 18(5) W.2.6A

Rule 20 C.1.8, W.2.7, W., W., W., W.

Rule 20(1) W.

Rule 20(2) W.

Rule 20(2)(d) W., W., W.

Rule 21 W.2.7A

Rule 21(1) W.2.7A.1

Rule 22 C.4.21, C.5.3, W.2.7B, W., W.

Rule 23 C.4.21, C.5.3, W.2.7A, W.2.7B.1, W.2.8, W. W.

Rule 23(1) S.3.1.1

Rule 23(4) S.3.1.1

Rule 24 W.2.9, W., W.

Rule 24(1) L.0.1, W., W.

Rule 24(2) W.

Rule 25(1) S.3.1.9

Rule 25(2) S.3.1.9

Rule 26 W.2.10, W., W., W.

Rule 27 C.6.4, R.4.0.12, W.2.11, W., W., W.2.12.1, W.2.12.2, W.2.12.3

Rule 27(3) W.2.9.1

Rule 28 W.2.12

Rule 28(1) W.2.12.7-9

Rule 30 W.2.13

Rule 30(1) W., W., W., W., W.