Members’ transparency toolkit

Members share information on their intellectual property laws, regulations and practices through notifications submitted to the Council for Trade-Related Aspects of Intellectual Property Rights (TRIPS). This page contains links to procedures for sharing information, and other aids for members’ transparency work on the subject.


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What and how to notify   back to top

> On notification — TRIPS Council Decision, IP/C/2: download Word, pdf
  > On format for listing “other laws and regulations” — TRIPS Council Decision, IP/C/4: download Word, pdf
  > Checklist of issues on enforcement, IP/C/5: download Word, pdf

> Procedure for notifying laws and regulations

> Exceptions on beneficiaries eligible for protection and on national treatment (broadly, non-discrimination between foreigners and a country’s nationals): Articles 1.3 and 3.1
> Procedure for notifying exceptions on beneficiaries and national treatment


> Exceptions to most-favoured-nation treatment (a country not discriminating between rights holders from different trading partners, when not applied — ie, “grandfathered” — because of an earlier international agreement): Article 4(d)

> Procedure for notifying exceptions to most-favoured-nation treatment


> Notification of state emblems under Article 6ter of the Paris Convention: TRIPS Council Decision, IP/C/7:
> download Word, pdf


> Notifications under provisions of the Berne and Rome conventions that are incorporated by reference into the TRIPS Agreement. See document IP/C/W/543 paragraphs 42–46:
> download Word, pdf
> Procedure for notifying under Berne and Rome convention provisions


What members have notified   back to top

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  • Procedures for the notification of national laws and regulations under article 63.2 (Document code IP/C/2)    search

  • Checklist of issues on enforcement under article 63.2 (Document code IP/C/5)   search

  • Format for listing of other laws and regulations to be notified under article 63.2 (Document code IP/C/W/8/*)    search

  • Notifications of laws and regulations relating to articles 3, 4 and 5 (Document code IP/C/9)    search

  • Notifications of laws and regulations under article 63.2 (Document code IP/N/1/*) 

  • Notifications for copyright and related rights under article 63.2 (Document code IP/N/1/-/C/*) 

  • Notifications for trademarks under article 63.2 (Document code IP/N/1/-/T/*) 

  • Notifications for geographical indications under article 63.2 (Document code IP/N/1/-/G/*) 

  • Notifications for industrial designs under article 63.2 (Document code IP/N/1/-/D/*) 

  • Notifications for patents (including plant variety protection) under article 63.2 (Document code IP/N/1/-/P/*) 

  • Notifications for layout-designs (topographies) of integrated circuits under article 63.2 (Document code IP/N/1/-/L/*) 

  • Notifications for undisclosed information under article 63.2 (Document code IP/N/1/-/U/*) 

  • Notifications for industrial property (general) under article 63.2 (Document code IP/N/1/-/I/*) 

  • Notifications for enforcement under article 63.2 (Document code IP/N/1/-/E/*) 

  • Notifications of other laws under article 63.2 (Document code IP/N/1/-/O/*) 

  • Responses to the checklist of issues on enforcement (Document code IP/N/6/*) 

  • Notifications of contact points under article 69 (Document code IP/N/3/*)    search

  • Notifications on beneficiaries and national treatment (non-discrimination between foreign and local nationals) under articles 1.3 and 3.1 (Document code IP/N/2/*) 

  • Background information on notification possibilities under articles 1.3 and 3.1 (Document code IP/C/W/5)    > search

  • Notifications on most-favoured nation treatment (non-discrimination between trading partners) under article 4(d) (Document code IP/N/4/*) 
        > search

  • Notifications under provisions of the Berne and Rome conventions that are incorporated by reference into the TRIPS Agreement (Document code IP/N/5/*)    > search

  • Background information on these notification possibilities (Document code IP/C/W/15)    > search

You can perform more sophisticated searches from the Documents Online search facility by defining multiple search criteria such as document symbol (i.e. code number), notification number, requirement subject, trade coverage, full text search or document date.

Reviews of members’ notified legislation   back to top

Members have to notify the TRIPS Council about their relevant laws and regulations. This helps the Council review the agreement’s operation


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