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Semestre de primavera de 2018
Hora: 12:30 to 13:30(2) Lugar: Maison de la Paix (2 Chemin Eugène Rigot) (3) 

(solamente en inglés)

Date Speaker Title

Tuesday, 6 February
Petal 2, Room S4

Professor Peter Egger
(ETH Zurich)

Trade Costs in the Global Economy: Measurement, Aggregation and Decomposition

Tuesday, 20 February
Petal 2, Room S4

Veronica Rappoport
(London School of Economics)

The Birth of a Multinational Innovation and Foreign Acquisitions

Tuesday, 27 February
Petal 2, Room S4

Professor Ronald Davies
(University College Dublin)

The Heterogeneous impact of Brexit: Early Indications from the FTSE

Tuesday, 6 March
Petal 2, Room S4

Matteo Fiorini
(European University Institute, Florence)

Asymmetric Cultural Proximity and Greenfield FDI

Tuesday, 13 March
Petal 2, Room S4

Professor Mario Larch
(University of Bayreuth, Germany)

Growth and Trade with Frictions: A Structural Estimation Framework

Tuesday, 20 March
Petal 2, Room S4

Facundo Albornoz Crespo
(University of Nottingham)

Importing after Exporting (with Ezequiel Garcia-Lembergman)

Tuesday, 10 April
Petal 2, Room S4

Laura Puzzello
(Monash University)

Does Trade Matter for Growth when the Geographical Instruments are Randomly Generated? (with Sabine Deij and Jakob B. Madsen)

Tuesday, 17 April
Petal 2, Room S4

Rainer Lanz

Distance, Formal and Informal Institutions in International Trade (with Woori Lee and Victor Stolzenburg)

Tuesday, 24 April
Petal 2, Room S4

Guy Michaels
(London School of Economics)

Planning Ahead for Better Neighborhoods: Long Run Evidence from Tanzania

Tuesday, 8 May
Petal 2, Room S4

Jeronimo Carballo
(University of Colorado Boulder)

Border Processing, Trade Costs, and New Trade Policy (with Alejandro Graziano, Georg Schaur and Christian Volpe Martincus)

Tuesday, 15 May
Petal 2, Room S4

Anna Maria Mayda
(Georgetown University)

The political economy of protection in GVCs: Evidence from Chinese micro data (with R. D. Ludema, M. Yu and Z. Yu)

Tuesday, 22 May
Petal 2, Room S4

Professor Tony Venables
(Oxford University)

Globalization and Urban Polarization

Tuesday, 29 May
Petal 2, Room S4

Eduardo Morales
(Princeton University)

Estimating Models with Spillovers: Formalizing Bartik Designs (with Rodrigo Adão and Michal Kolesár)

Tuesday, 5 June
Petal 2, Room S4

Julien Martin
(UQAM, Canada)

Relationship Stickiness: Measurement and Applications to International Trade (with Julien Martin, Isabelle Méjean and Mathieu Parenti)

The workshop is a joint initiative by the Graduate Institute’s Centre for Trade and Economic Integration (CTEI), UNCTAD, the University of Geneva, and the World Trade Organization.  Its objective is for researchers in the Geneva region working in the area of trade and development to share work and ideas.
2. The workshop begins at 12:30. You can buy a sandwich, or a proper hot meal, at the Maison de la Paix Cafeteria prior to attending the lecture.
3.  Registration is required for each individual workshop, also for those having WTO accreditation.  To do so, please send an email to GTDW (
[email protected]) at the latest one day before the relevant workshop