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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

fair and equitable procedures: see intellectual property rights, enforcement procedures (TRIPS), fair and equitable procedures (TRIPS 42)

fair and market-oriented systems

AG 20(c)

AG Preamble

Marrakesh Declaration (MD 2)

false representation/literal truth (geographical indications) (TRIPS 22.4)

fees and formalities connected with importation and exportation (GATT VIII)

applicability (GATT VIII:4)

laws and regulations, obligation to review operation on request (GATT VIII:2)

“limited … to the approximate cost of services rendered” (GATT VIII:1(a))

minimization in incidence and complexity of formalities, need for (GATT VIII:1(c))

certificates of origin and (GATT Ad Article VIII and)

multiple exchange rates and (GATT Ad Article VIII)

penalties, exclusion of substantial (GATT VIII:3)

minor breaches of regulations or procedural requirements

omission or mistake

reduction in number and diversity of fees and charges, need for (GATT VIII:1(b))

film: see cinematograph film, screen quotas (GATT IV); cinematographic works, copyright protection (TRIPS 11)

Final Act

acceptance, eligibility (FA 4)

acceptance and implementation (FA 3)

deposit (FA 6)

integral parts (FA 1)

obligations under (FA 2)

participants not party to GATT 1947 (FA 5)

transition from GATT to WTO and (MD 6)

financial regulations: see budget and contributions (WTO VII), financial regulations (WTO VII:2)

financial services (GATS Annex)

applicability and definitions (para. 1(a)): see also Financial Services, Understanding on Commitments in


“banking and other financial services” (excluding insurance) (para. 5(a)(v-xvi))

“commercial presence” (Understanding)

“financial service” (para. 5(a)(i-iv))

“financial service supplier” (para. 5(b))

“new financial service”

“non-resident supplier” (Understanding)

“public entity” (para. 5(c))

dispute settlement, expertise (para. 4)

domestic regulation, measures for prudential reasons (para. 2(a))

commitments or obligations under GATS and (para. 2(a))

confidential or proprietary information and (para. 2(b))

recognition of prudential measures (para. 3)

by agreement or arrangement (para. 3(a))

demonstration of equivalent regulation, oversight and implementation, obligation to offer opportunity (para. 3(b))

notification of negotiations on new agreement or arrangement (GATS VII:4(b)), applicability (para. 3(c))

“through harmonization or otherwise” (para. 3(a))

unilateral (para. 3(a))

accession to/negotiation of comparable one (para. 3(b))

financial services (GATS Annex (Second))

Article II exemptions (para. 1)

modifications of Schedules (GATT XXI) and (para. 2)

procedures for application of paras. 1 and 2 (para. 3)

Financial Services, Understanding on Commitments in


as alternative to GATS Part III provisions


commercial presence


cross-border trade

information, transfer and processing

electronic transfers

obligation not to prevent

protection of personal data

monopoly rights

national treatment

membership of and access to regulatory bodies

public entities

new financial services


non-discrimination and

non-resident supplier, definition

public entities, right to MFN and national treatment


temporary entry of personnel

Food Aid Convention (1986), guidelines in accordance with

food aid (domestic), exemption from domestic support commitments (AG Annex 2, para. 4)

food aid (international): see also Least-Developed and Net Food-Importing Countries, Decision on Measures concerning the Possible Negative Effects of the Reform Programme

direct or indirect tying to commercial exports, exclusion (AG 10.4(a))

FAO “Principles of Surplus Disposal and Consultative Obligations”, applicability (AG 10.4(b))

Food Aid Convention (1986), as benchmark (AG 10.4(c))

food security considerations

domestic support commitments, exemption (AG Annex 2, para. 3)

export prohibitions and restrictions (AG 12.1(a))

force majeure

definition (PSI 2.15 and footnote 3)

preshipment inspections, delays to and (PSI 2.15)

foreign vessel, use, sale or lease in national waters or EEZ, exemption from GATT, Part II (GATT 1994, 3)

notification obligations (GATT 1994, 3(c))

reciprocal action (GATT 1994, 3(d))

review (GATT 1994, 3(b))

scope of provision (GATT 1994, 3(a))

sectoral agreements and (GATT 1994, 3(e))

free trade areas: see regional trade agreements (GATT XXIV:5(b))

freedom of transit (GATT V)

air transit of goods, applicability to (GATT V:7)

aircraft in transit, exclusion (GATT V:7)

customs duties, exemption from (GATT V:3)

MFN treatment (GATT V:5)

non-discrimination (GATT V:2)

reasonable charges and regulations, need for (GATT V:4)

“traffic in transit” (GATT V:1)

transit duties or charges, exemption from (GATT V:3)

GATT Ad Article III:5 and

other than administrative expenses or costs of services rendered

transit through third country (GATT V:6)

unnecessary delays or restrictions, obligation not to impose (GATT V:3)

via routes most convenient for international transit (GATT V:2)

frontier traffic, applicability of GATT (GATT XXIV:3(a))


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