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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

waivers (GATT XXV:5)

waivers under Plurilateral Trade Agreements (WTO IX:5)

waivers (WTO IX:3)

decision-making procedures

consensus/voting requirement

statement of exceptional circumstances, need for (WTO IX:4)

submission to relevant Council (WTO IX:3(b))

time period for decision (WTO IX:3(a))

duration (WTO IX:4)

nullification or impairment (GATT XXIII) and (WOU 3)

request for, requirements (WOU 1)

description of proposed measures

reasons not using GATT-consistent measures

specific policy objectives

review (WTO IX:4)

Understanding in respect of, as constituent part of GATT 1994 (GATT 1994, 1(c)(v))

waivers in effect on 1 January 1995 (WOU 2)



waivers granted under GATT 1947 and still in force (GATT 1994, 1(b)(iii))

WCO: see Customs Cooperation Council (CCC/WCO)

wines and spirits, protection against use of geographical indication other than true place of origin (TRIPS 23)

administrative action as means of enforcement (footnote 4)

continuous use, relevance

10 years preceding 15 April 1994 (TRIPS 24.4)

good faith use preceding 15 April 1994 (TRIPS 24.4)

customary or common names (TRIPS 24.6)

good faith use/application for registration (TRIPS 24.5)

homonymous geographical indications and (TRIPS 23.3)

“kind”, “type”, “style”, “imitation”, relevance (TRIPS 23.1)

negotiations for multilateral system of notification and registration system (TRIPS 23.4)

agreement to enter into/conclude bilateral or multilateral agreements (TRIPS 24.1)

consultations and (TRIPS 24.2)

facilitation (TRIPS 24.2)

negotiating responsibility (Council for TRIPS)

protection of geographical indications prior to 1 January 1995 (TRIPS 24.3)

review (TRIPS 24.2)

refusal/invalidation of trademark with improper indication (TRIPS 23.2)







“withdrawal of subsidy without delay” (SCM 4.7)

“without delay”

obligation of panel to specify time-period.

as specifically prescribed time-period (SCM 4.12)

withholding or withdrawal of concessions (GATT XXVII)

requirements (GATT XXVII/MP 4)


written notice [to Council for Trade in Goods]

while schedule of principle supplier remains to be annexed to GATT (MP 4)

Working Procedures (appellate review) (DSU 17.9)

confidentiality of proceedings: see confidentiality of proceedings (DSU 4.6/DSU 14/DSU 17.10/DSU 18.2/WP 3)


rotation of members (DSU 17.1)

timetable (DSU 17.5)

Working Procedures (panel) (DSU 12 and Appendix 3 (WP))

applicable law, “any additional procedures specific to the panel” (WP 11)

as applicable law (WP 1)

confidentiality of proceedings: see confidentiality of proceedings (DSU 4.6/DSU 14/DSU 17.10/DSU 18.2/WP 3)

departure from after consultation with/agreement of parties (DSU 12.1)

high quality reports/avoidance of delay, flexibility in achieving balance (DSU 12.2)

oral presentations (WP 5)

written version (WP 9)

panel’s right to put questions/ask for explanations (WP 8)

rebuttals (WP 7)

submission, right of (DSU 12.6 and WP 4)

order of submission (DSU 12.6 and WP 12)

third party presentations (WP 6)

timetable for panel process, establishment (DSU 12.3)

normal duration (DSU 12.8)

urgent cases

Panel’s inability to meet (DSU 12.9)

precise deadlines for written submissions/compliance, need for (DSU 12.5)

time for preparation of submissions, need for (DSU 12.4)

timing of submissions (DSU 12.6)

World Bank/WTO relationship

Declaration on Coherence in Global Economic Policymaking (1994) (para. 5)

Marrakesh Declaration and (MD 3)

obligation to cooperate (WTO III:5)

World Customs Organization (WCO): see Customs Cooperation Council (CCC/WCO)

World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO), relationship with (TRIPS)


archive, maintenance, records of Preparatory Committee

as common institutional framework (WTO II:1)

cooperation with NGOs (WTO V:2)

Committee on Trade and Environment

cooperation with other intergovernmental organizations (WTO V:1)

Committee on Trade and Environment


General Council responsibility for


International Office of Epizootics: see International Office of Epizootics

World Bank: see World Bank/WTO relationship

decision-making: see decision-making (WTO IX)

establishment (WTO I)

as prelude to new era of global economic cooperation (MD 2)

functions (WTO III)

administration of



facilitation of implementation, administration and operation of WTO Agreement and Multilateral Trade Agreements (WTO III:1)

forum for negotiations: see negotiations concerning multilateral trade relations, WTO as forum for (WTO III 2)

provision of framework for implementation of Plurilateral Trade Agreements (WTO III:1)

GATT 1947 and: see GATT 1947 (including amendments), WTO continuity with

headquarters agreement: see headquarters agreement (WTO), right to conclude (WTO VIII:5)

IMF and: see International Monetary Fund (IMF)/WTO relationship

legal capacity for exercise of functions, obligation to accord (WTO VIII:1)

legal personality (WTO VIII:1)

organization and financial consequences (Ministerial Decision)

original membership (WTO XI)

acceptance of WTO Agreement (WTO XIV:1)

least-developed country Members (WTO XI:2)

Preparatory Committee: see Preparatory Committee

privileges and immunities: see privileges and immunities (WTO VIII)

World Bank and: see World Bank/WTO relationship

WTO Agreement

acceptance (WTO XIV)

customs territories

entitlement to original membership and (WTO XIV:1)

equality of rights with accession under WTO XII

Final Act (FA 4)

participants not party to GATT 1947 (FA 5)

time-limit for (WTO XIV:1)

accession (WTO XII)

decision-making procedure (WTO XII:2)

entitlement (WTO XII:1)

equality of rights with acceptance under WTO XIV

Plurilateral Trade Agreements (WTO XII:3)

amendments: see amendments to covered agreements (WTO X)

authentic languages (WTO XVI:6)

conflict between constituent covered agreements, precedence (WTO XVI:3)

general interpretative note to WTO Annex IA


after 1 January 1995 (WTO XVI:3)

prior to 1 January 1995 (WTO XIV:3)

entry into force (WTO XIV:1)

Final Act (FA 3)

obligations prior to (MD 2)

target date, Marrakesh Declaration (MD 6)

GATT 1947, continuity with: see decisions, procedures and customary practices under GATT 1947 (WTO XVI:1); GATT 1947 (including amendments), WTO continuity with

as integral part of Final Act (FA 1)

integral parts (WTO II:2)

Plurilateral Trade Agreements (WTO II:3)

non-application of multilateral agreements between particular Members (WTO XIII)

between original Members parties to GATT 1947 (WTO XIII:2)

in case of accession under WTO XII (WTO XIII:3)

review of provision (WTO XIII:4)

non-application of Plurilateral Trade Agreements (WTO XIII:5)

notifications of acceptance (WTO XII:3)

after 1 January 1995 (WTO XIV:3)

before 1 January 1995 (WTO XIV:1)

objectives (WTO Preamble)

establishment of fair and market-oriented trading system through programme of fundamental reform, Marrakesh Declaration (MD 2)

integrated multilateral trading system

strengthening of world economy (WTO Preamble), Marrakesh Declaration (MD 1)

obligations of Members

implementation by Member accepting WTO Agreement after entry into force (WTO XIV:2)

to accord WTO legal capacity for the exercise of its functions (WTO VIII:1)

to accord WTO officials and representatives of Members privileges and immunities on functional basis (WTO VIII:3)

to accord WTO privileges and immunities on functional basis (WTO VIII:2)

to contribute share of expenses promptly (WTO VII:4)

to ensure conformity of domestic laws, regulations and administrative procedures (WTO XVI:4)

to respect international character of Director-General and Secretariat (WTO VI:4)

Preamble, legal relevance, developing country Members’ concerns: see developing country Members, WTO Agreement Preamble and

ratification obligation

Final Act (FA 2)

Marrakesh Declaration (MD 6)

registration (WTO XVI:6)

reservations (WTO XVI:5)

withdrawal (WTO XV:1)

entry into effect

non-acceptance of amendment to covered agreement and

amendment affecting rights and obligations of Member (WTO X:3)

amendment not affecting rights and obligations of Member (WTO X:5)

written notice, need for


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