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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

qualifications, recognition: see recognition of qualifications (GATS VII)

quantitative restrictions (ATC 2) (integration process)

conformity with ATC provisions, need for (ATC 2.4)

early integration (ATC 2.10)

agreement year, relevance

elimination of restrictions maintained under ATC 2 (ATC 2.15)

notification requirements

relevant factors

TMB role

flexibility provisions (ATC 2.16)

growth-on-growth provisions (ATC 2.13 and 2.14)

improvements in access (ATC 2.18)

levels of restriction

base level (ATC 2.8 and 2.11)

MFA bilateral agreement restrictions, staged increases (ATC 2.13)

restrictions other than under MFA bilateral agreement, staged increases (ATC 2.14)

adjustment by DSB (ATC 8.12)

measure under MFA 4 agreement, continuance (ATC 2.5), review by TSB

new restrictions (ACT 2.4)

consistency with ATC Agreement or relevant GATT provisions, need for

GATT XIX and (footnote 3)

products not integrated into GATT 1994 under ATC 2.6 (ATC 2.8), staged approach

products to be integrated (ATC 2.6)

restrictions maintained between GATT 1947 parties, applicability of ATC (ATC 2.1)

review of implementation (ATC 2.21)

safeguard measures (SG/GATT XIX), applicability (ATC 2.19)

GATT XIII:2(d), applicability (ATC 2.20)

synchronization of existing period and agreement year (ATC 2.3)

“agreement year” (footnote 2)

consultations with view to reaching mutual agreement

notional base levels (ATC 2.12)

TMB right to make recommendations

unilateral measure under MFA 3, continuance (ATC 2.5)

review by TSB

quantitative restrictions (ATC 2) (integration process), notification requirements

administrative arrangements (ATC 2.17)

ATC 2.8 programmes (ATC 2.11)

new restrictions (ATC 2.4)

notification within 60 days, need for

Notification of First Integration, Decision on

products integrated into GATT 1994 under ATC 2.6 (ATC 2.8)

notification of intention not to use ATC 6.1 provisions, effect (ATC 2.9)

notification of programmes, need for (ATC 2.11)

proposed elimination of restrictions maintained under ATC 2 (ATC 2.15)

QRs within bilateral agreements under ATC 4 or MFA 7 or 8 (ATC 2.1)

circulation to all Members for information (ATC 2.2)

for purposes of ATC 2.21 review (ATC 2.7(a))

right of Members to make observations within 60 days (ATC 2.2)

right or TMB to make recommendations (ATC 2.2)

restrictions maintained between GATT 1947 parties, notification to GATT Secretariat for purposes of ATC 2.21 review (ATC 2.7)

synchronization of existing period and agreement year (ATC 2.3), notification to TMB

quantitative restrictions, elimination (GATT XI): see also balance of payments difficulties, developing country Members’ right to take import measures (GATT XVIII:B); Balance of Payments, Understanding on GATT XII and XVIII:B and the provisions of the Declaration on Trade Measures taken for Balance of Payments Purposes (1979); export prohibitions and restrictions in accordance with GATT XI:2(a) (AG 12); non-discriminatory administration of quantitative restrictions (GATT XIII)

Agriculture Agreement (AG 12) and

exceptions (GATT XI:2)

agricultural of fisheries products, governmental measures controlling quantities marketed or produced (GATT XI:2(c))

critical shortages of foodstuffs and (GATT XI:2(a)): see also export prohibitions and restrictions in accordance with GATT XI:2(a) (AG 12)

“in any form” (GATT XI:2(c) and Ad Article)

“special factors” (GATT Ad Article XI:2, last paragraph)

standards or regulations, application and (GATT XI:2(b))

“prohibition or restriction” (GATT XI:1)

quantitative restrictions not covered by ATC 2 (ATC 3)

notification to other WTB bodies (ATC 3.1(b))

notification to TMB (ATC 3.1(a))

notifications under ATC 3, circulation to all Members (ATC 3.5)

provision to TMB of notifications to other WTO bodies in respect of new or modified restrictions (ATC 3.3)

“restrictions” (ATC 3.1 and footnote 4)

restrictions not justified under GATT 1994, obligations

conformity with GATT 1994 within a year and notification to TMB (ATC 3.2(a))

phase out programme (ATC 3.2(b))

reverse notifications, right of Member to make (ATC 3.4)

procedure for

quantitative restrictions under ATC 2 or ATC 6, administration (ATC 4)

by exporting Members (ATC 4.1)

change in level of restriction resulting from notification of product forming part of, requirements (ATC 4.3)

changes in the implementation or administration of restrictions, requirements (ATC 4.2)

consultations regarding appropriate and equitable adjustment (ATC 4.4)

following implementation

prior to implementation of changes

referral to TMB in absence of agreement

importing Member’s right to reject excess shipments (ATC 4.1)

obligation to inform Members of changes under ATC 4.2 and 4.3

quota modulation (SG 5.2(b))