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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

maritime transport services

denial of benefit (GATS XXVII(b))

MFN treatment (GATS II), exemption (Annex on maritime transport services)

improvement, modification or withdrawal of specific commitment (para. 3)

Negotiating Group (NGMTS): see Maritime Transport Services, Negotiating Group (NGMTS)

Maritime Transport Services, Negotiating Group (NGMTS)


interim arrangements

Ministerial Decision on



schedule of commitments and



market access (AG 4)

concessions and commitments (AG 4.1), applicability

developing country Members, 10-year moratorium with respect to staple product (para. 7)

application of AG 4.2 following non-continuation (para. 10)

Guidelines for calculation of tariff equivalents (Annex 5, attachment)


additional and acceptable concessions (para. 9)

negotiation concerning (para. 8)

“market access concessions” (AG 1(g))

measures required to be converted into ordinary customs duties (AG 4.2 and footnote 1)

applicable date for implementation of scheduled concessions and (MP 5(a))

“except as otherwise provided for in [AG 5 and Annex 5]”

GATT II:1(b) and: see Schedules of Concessions (GATT II)

measures qualifying as (footnote 1)

special safeguard measures and (AG 5.1)

special treatment with respect to AG 4.2 (AG Annex 5)

applicability (para. 1)

application of AG 4.2 following termination/non-continuation (para. 6)

application of AG 4.2 following non-continuation (para. 10), Guidelines for calculation of tariff equivalents (Annex 5, attachment)


additional and acceptable concessions (para. 4)

negotiation concerning (para. 3)

non-continuation, effect (para. 5)

termination (para. 2)

trigger level for special safeguards (AG 5.4)

market access (GATS XVI): see also Financial Services, Understanding on Commitments in

excluded measures (GATS XVI:2)

limitations on

number of service suppliers (GATS XVI:2(a))

participation of foreign capital (GATS XVI:2(f))

total number of natural persons in a particular sector or specific service (GATS XVI:2(d))

total number of service operations or quantity of service output (GATS XVI:2(c))

total value of service transactions or assets (GATS XVI:2(b))

restrictions on types of legal entity or joint venture for supply of service (GATS XVI:2(e))

treatment no less favourable than in Schedule (GATS XVI:1)

Marketing Boards (GATT Ad Article XVII:1)

marketing costs: see costs of marketing exports (AG 9.1(d))

marks of origin (GATT IX)

affixation at time of importation (GATT IX:3)

avoidance of damage, reduction in value or unreasonably increase in cost (GATT IX:4)

cooperation to prevent use of trade names causing detrimental misrepresentation (GATT IX:6)

difficulties and inconveniences, obligation to reduce to a minimum (GATT IX:2)

failure to comply prior to importation, avoidance of special duty or penalty (GATT IX:5)

treatment “no less favourable” (GATT IX:1)

Marrakesh Declaration (15 April 1994)

Marrakesh Protocol (MP): see also Schedules of Concessions (GATT II)

annexed schedules

Ministerial Decision on Possible Negative Effect of the Reform Programme on Least-Developed Countries as (MD 1)

as Schedules to GATT (MP 1)

as constituent part of GATT 1994 (GATT 1994, 1(d))

tariff reductions

agricultural products (MP 2)

reductions prior to 1 January 1995

staged implementation (MP 2)

material injury: see determination of injury, requirements (AD 3 and SCM 15)

measure at issue, need to identify

DSU 4.4

DSU 6.2

mediation: see good offices, conciliation and mediation (DSU 5)

mediation, right of resort to (SPS 11.3)

membership: see WTO, original membership (WTO XI)

MFN treatment (GATS II)

compensatory adjustment for adverse effects (GATS XXI:2(b))

contiguous frontier zones and (GATS II.3)

exemptions, Annex on (GATS II.2)

agreed lists of exemptions

financial services and (Second Annex on financial services)

new exemptions (para. 2)


exemptions for more than 3 years (para. 3)

scope (para. 4)

timing (para. 3)


10-year limitation period (para. 6)

on date provided for in exemption (para. 5)

notification (para. 7)

trade-liberalization negotiations and (para. 6)

“like service and service supplier” (GATS II:1)

measures inconsistent with GATS II:1 (GATS II:2)

MFN treatment (GATT I:1)

“accorded immediately and unconditionally to the like product”


allowable charges (GATT II:2)

anti-dumping or countervailing duty consistent with GATT VI (GATT II:2(b))

charge equivalent to internal tax (GATT II:2(a))

fees or other charges commensurate with cost of services (GATT II:2(c))

modification of cross-references (GATT Ad Article II:2(a) and (b))

“any advantage, favour, privilege or immunity”

exemptions (GATT I:2)

margin of preference for purpose of (GATT I:4)

dates (GATT Annex G)

interpretation (GATT Ad Article I:4)

Ottoman Empire, preferences between countries formally part of (GATT I:3)

“imposed on or in connection with”

interpretation (GATT Ad Article I:1)

“like product”: see “like product” (GATT I)

transit charges, regulations and formalities (GATT V:5)

MFN treatment (TRIPS 4)

developing country Members’ right to delay application (TRIPS 65.2), applicability


Berne Convention (1971) or Rome Convention provisions (TRIPS 4(b))

international agreements in force prior to WTO Agreement (TRIPS 4(d))

judicial assistance or law enforcement, general agreements on (TRIPS 4(a))

rights of performers, producers of phonograms and broadcasting organizations (TRIPS 4(c))

Ministerial Conference (WTO IV:1)


decision-making procedures (WTO IX:1)

frequency of meetings


amendments to covered agreements (WTO IX:3-9)

carrying out of WTO functions (WTO IV:1)

decisions on all matters under Multilateral Trade Agreements (WTO IV:1)

Director-General, appointment and adoption of regulations relating to (WTO VI:2)

DSU, review

establishment of committees (WTO IV:7)

interpretation of covered agreements (WTO IX:2)

non-application provisions and (WTO XIII:3-4)

PSI Agreement, review (PSI 6)

TRIPS Agreement, non-applicability of non-violation complaints (TRIPS 64.3)

approval of recommendations for scope and modalities relating to


waivers (WTO IX:3-4)

Secretariat staff, regulations concerning (WTO VI:3)

Ministerial Declarations and Decisions (Uruguay Round)

Anti-circumvention, Decision

Basic telecommunications, Decision

Customs Administrations having reason to doubt truth or accuracy of declared value

Dispute Settlement (AD 17 and SCM 30), importance of consistency, Declaration

DSU Review, Decision

GATS dispute settlement procedures, Decision

GATS institutional arrangements, Decision

GATS XXI (financial services, modification of commitments)

Government Procurement Agreement (GPA)

Maritime transport services, Decision

Movement of Natural Persons, Decision on Negotiating Group

obligation to adopt (FA 2(b))

Organization and Financial Consequences of Establishment of WTO, Decision

Preparatory Committee, establishment, Decision

Professional services, Decision

Review of AD 17.6, Decision

Texts relating to minimum values and imports by sole agents, distributors and concessionaires (GATT VII, Annex III(2)), Decision

Trade and Environment, Committee on, Decision

Trade in Services and the Environment, Committee on, Decision

WTO Agreement, acceptance and accession, Decision

modification of Schedules (GATS XXI): see also Schedules of Specific Commitments (GATS XX)

compensatory adjustment for adverse effect


in absence of request for (GATS XXI:3(b))

compliance with findings, need for (GATS XXI:4(a))

non-compliance with findings (GATS XXI:4(b))

right/obligation (GATS XXI:3(a))

MFN basis (GATS XXI:2(b))

negotiations for (GATS XXI:2(a))

nullification or impairment (GATS XXIII:3) and

financial services and (GATS Second Annex on financial services, para. 2)

maritime transport services (GATS Annex)

Ministerial Decision on

notification obligation (GATS XXI:1(b))

procedures (GATS XXI:5)


3 years after entry into force of commitment (GATS XXI:1(a))

during transitional period (GATS X:2)

modification of Schedules (GATT XVIII:A): see economic development, government assistance (GATT XVIII), modification of Schedules/withdrawal of concession (GATT XVIII:A)

modification of Schedules (GATT XXVIII)

applicability of GATT XXVIII (MP 6)

compensatory adjustment (GATT XXVIII:2)

as constituent part of GATT 1994 (GATT 1994, 1(c)(vi))

customs unions and (GATT XXIV:6)

negotiation and agreement, need for (GATT XVIII:1)

compensatory adjustment (GATT XXVIII:2)

concessions not less favourable than prior to negotiations as objective (GATT XXVIII:2)

secrecy obligation (Ad Article)

withdrawal of “substantially equivalent” concessions and (GATT XXVIII:3(a)), by contracting party with substantial interest (GATT XXVIII:3(b) and Ad Article XXVIII:1)

negotiation and agreement, need for (GATT XXVIII:1)

right to act in absence of (GATT XXVIII:3(a))

withdrawal of “substantially equivalent” concessions and (GATT XXVIII:3(a))

notification of reservation of right to modify (GATT XVIII:5)

“principal supplying interest” (GATT XVIII:1)

reciprocal and mutually advantageous concessions “not less favourable” (GATT XXVIII:2)


3 years after entry into force of commitment (GATT XXVIII:1)

period other than (Ad Article)

“in special circumstances” (GATT XXVIII:4 and Ad Article)

legal obligation and effective change distinguished (GATT Ad Article XVIII:1)

notification of wish to modify or withdraw (GATT Ad Article XXXIV:1)

treatment less favourable than under GATT 1947 Schedules and (MP 7)

monopolies and exclusive service providers (GATS VIII)

alleged inconsistency, right of Council for Trade in Services to request information (GATS VIII:3)

consistency with GATS II and specific commitments, obligation to ensure (GATS VIII:1)

exclusive suppliers, applicability to (GATS VIII:5)

Financial Services, Understanding on Commitments in and

“monopoly supplier of a service” (GATS XXVIII(h))

notification obligations

new monopoly rights (GATS VIII:4)


supply of service outside scope of monopoly rights (GATS VIII:2)

monopolies (GATT II:4)

determination of dumping and (GATT Ad Article VI:1, para. 2)

Havana Charter and (GATT Ad Article II:4)

Movement of Natural Persons, Negotiating Group on, Ministerial Decision

movement of natural persons supplying services under GATS (GATS Annex)

employment seekers, exclusion (para. 2)

liberalization negotiations, Decision on

measures regarding citizenship, residence or permanent employment, exclusion (para. 2)

measures regulating entry and stay (para. 4)

visas, relevance (footnote 13)

“natural person” (GATS XXVIII(j))

service suppliers/employees of service suppliers, applicability (para. 1)

specific commitments, right to negotiate (para. 3)

multiple complainants (DSU 9)

harmonization of panels and timetables (DSU 9.3)

single panel, preference for (DSU 9.1)

protection of rights (DSU 9.2)

separate reports (DSU 9.2)

mutually agreed/acceptable solution to matters raised formally (DSU 3.6)

consultations and (DSU 4.5)

function of panels and (DSU 11)

notification to DSB and relevant Councils and Committees

panel findings and (DSU 12.7)

as preferred outcome (DSU 3.7)