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The following index covers the body text of this book but not the text of the WTO Agreements. Disputes have been indexed under the name of the WTO Member respondent in the dispute and under the subject matter.

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“zeroing” (AD 9.3/GATT VI:2)

as an allowance or adjustment (AD 2.4) GATT 4647, AD 114, 11617, 124, 1467, 6867

“comparable” AD 1205

non-comparable types AD 1245

transaction-to-transaction method AD 83, 112, 1326, 688, 929

comparison of weighted average normal value with weighted average of all comparable export transactions (AD 2.4.2), mathematical equivalence AD 13741

definition GATT 464 n. 661

“fair comparison” (AD 2.4) and AD 825

legislation “as such” (AD 18.4) and AD 143, 144, 145, DSU 2858

margin of dumping as ceiling GATT 465, AD 686

as “measure” (AD 17.4) AD 8967

“model zeroing” vs “simple zeroing” AD 112

prospective normal value system (AD 9.3.2) and AD 6889

retrospective assessment (AD 9.3.1) and GATT 4647, AD 680, 686, 6867

sunset reviews (AD 13.3) and AD 770, 7701


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