Chairs’ texts and summary reports

This page summarizes selected chairs' drafts, documents and reports since the agriculture talks began in early 2000.

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Earlier selected chairs' texts and summary reports

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  • Summary reports (minutes) of Special Sessions (i.e. negotiations) of the Agriculture Committee (Document code G/AG/NG/R* or TN/AG/R*)   > search
  • Chairperson’s reports to the Trade Negotiations Committee or to the General Council (Document code G/AG/NG/R* or TN/AG/R*)   > search

Agriculture negotiations documents up to March 2002 (Phases 1 and  2) use the code G/AG/NG/* (where * takes additional values). After that they come under the Doha agenda’s trade negotiations mandate, and use TN/AG/*.

  • Proposals (Document code G/AG/NG* or TN/AG* and keyword “negotiation”, “submission” and “proposal”)   > search
  • Informal submissions (Document code JOB/AG/*, often restricted documents)   > search
  • Secretariat background papers (Document code G/AG/NG/S/* or TN/AG/S/*)   > search
    > See also: Secretariat background papers, detailed list
  • Working documents (Document code G/AG/NG/W/* or TN/AG/W/*)    > search
  • Statements (Document code G/AG/NG* or TN/AG* and keyword “statement*”)    > search

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