technical barriers to trade

Conformity assessment procedures

WTO members' use of conformity assessment procedures (CAPs) is a key area of work for the Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) Committee. CAPs are used to determine whether products fulfil the requirements established by relevant technical regulations or standards. CAPs are vital for international trade as they enable authorities and consumers to have confidence that products in the marketplace meet the safety or quality specifications set out in technical regulations or standards.

Guidelines for conformity assessment procedures

WTO members adopted at the TBT Committee meeting held on 13-15 March 2024 guidelines on conformity assessment procedures to support their more effective implementation. The non-prescriptive practical guidelines aim to support regulators in the choice and design of appropriate and proportionate conformity assessment procedures. They cover topics such as risk, market surveillance, use of international standards, guidelines and recommendations, how to ensure confidence and acceptance of results, domestic coordination, transparency and consultation, the development dimension, and flexibility and agility in the face of emerging challenges. The text of the guidelines can be accessed here.

Thematic sessions related to CAPs


Ninth Triennial Review

  • Report, activities and background information are here.

Relevant documents

  • Report by Mr. Anwar Hussain Shaik (India) to the TBT Committee – 21-23 June 2023 G/TBT/GEN/355
  • Decisions and Recommendations G/TBT/1/Rev.15
  • 9th Triennial Review G/TBT/46
  • 8th Triennial Review G/TBT/41

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