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Guatemala — Cement I


Guatemala — Cement I (WT/DS60/AB/R)    back to top

consultation and dispute settlement (AD 17)

GATT XXII and XXIII compared A.3.55.1

“matter”, referral to DSB (AD 17.4), identification of measure at issue, need for (DSU 6.2), identification as anti-dumping duty, acceptance of price undertaking or provisional measure, need for R.2.3.3

special or additional rule and procedure (DSU 1.2 and Appendix 2), whether A.3.55.1, S.5.1-3

legal basis of claim (AD 17), specific measures referable to DSB (AD 17.4/DSU 6.2) and claims /legal basis relating to the measures distinguished A.3.56.2

legal basis of claim (DSU 6.2) (request for establishment of panel), summary, sufficiency R.2.1.3

legal basis of complaint (AD 17)

consultations (AD 17.3) A.3.55.1

GATT XXII and XXIII compared A.3.55.1

“matter referred to the DSB” (AD 17.4/DSU 7.1) R.2.1.4, T.6.1.5-6

equivalence of meaning in AD 17.4 and DSU 7.1 T.6.1.5-6

identification of specific issues and legal basis of claim/complaint as dual requirements (DSU 6.2) R.2.1.3, T.6.1.5-6

“measure at issue” as A.3.56.2-3, T.6.1.5-6

“measure at issue” (DSU 6.2) as A.3.56.1

request for establishment of panel, requirements (DSU 6.2) AD requirements (AD 17.5), consistency A.3.57.1, R.2.1.4

writing R.2.1.3

special or additional rules and procedures for dispute settlement (DSU 1.2 and Appendix 2) AD 17, whether A.3.55.1, S.5.1-3

conflict with DSU provisions, precedence in case of (WTO, Annex 1A) S.5.2-3

“specific measure at issue” (AD 17.4/DSU 6.2)

AD “measure” qualifying for DSB proceedings (AD 17.4) A.3.56.2-4

identification as part of the matter referred to the DSB, need for (AD 17.4/DSU 7.1) A.3.56.1-3, R.2.1.3, R.2.1.4, R.2.3.2-3

identification as anti-dumping duty, acceptance of price undertaking or provisional measure (AD 17.4), need for R.2.3.3

“specific measure at issue” and legal basis of claim distinguished A.3.56.2, R.2.1.3, T.6.1.6

standard/powers of review (AB) (AD 17.6), AD 6.2 requirements, consistency with A.3.57.1, R.2.1.4

terms of reference of panels (DSU 7), as definition of jurisdiction / legal claims at issue, legal claim included in terms of reference, limitation of jurisdiction to T.6.1.5

Working Procedures (appellate review) (DSU 17.9), working schedule (WP 26), modification in exceptional circumstances at request of parties, participants or third participants (WP 16(2)) W.2.6.2, W.

WTO Agreement, conflict between constituent covered agreements, precedence (WTO, Annex 1A) S.5.2-3


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