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Thailand — H-Beams
Turkey — Textiles


Thailand — H-Beams (WT/DS122/AB/R)     back to top

burden of proof B.3.1.10

panel’s obligations, separate findings on each element of claim[s] B.3.1.10

prima facie case, panel’s duty not to make case for complaining party S.4.11

confidentiality of proceedings (DSU 17.10/DSU 18.2)

closed session meetings C.6.3

Members’ responsibility for ensuring compliance C.6.3

determination of injury (AD 3/SCM 15)

calculation of volume of dumped imports, reference to as sufficient indication of legal basis of complaint (DSU 6.2) R.2.2.10

evaluation of injury factors (AD 3.4) A.3.22.1-2

all relevant economic factors and indices, need to examine A.3.22.1-2

“positive evidence” / “objective examination” requirement (AD 3.1)

confidential evidence, admissibility A.3.16.2

reference to as sufficient summary of legal basis of complaint (DSU 6.2) R.2.2.9

undisclosed evidence A.3.16.2

substantive obligations as focus of AD 3 A.3.15.1

underlying principles (AD 3.1) A.3.15.1

due process (dispute settlement proceedings)

fair and orderly conduct of proceedings and R.2.2.8, T.6.2.9

prejudice to party, relevance R.2.2.10, T.6.2.9

request for establishment of panel (DSU 6.2) and R.2.2.8

good faith (including pacta sunt servanda principle (VCLT 26)), dispute settlement procedures, engagement in (DSU 3.10) O.1.4, P.3.1.3

information or technical advice, panel’s right to seek (DSU 13), obligation to respond fully and promptly (DSU 13.1) S.4.11

interpretation of covered agreements, ordinary meaning A.3.16.1, A.3.59.1

investigation of dumping (AD 5) / subsidy (SCM 11)

dispute settlement proceedings distinguished R.2.2.10

reference to as sufficient identification of legal basis of claim (DSU 6.2) R.2.2.10

legal basis of claim (DSU 6.2) (request for establishment of panel) R.2.2.8-10

arguments distinguished R.2.2.8

due process and R.2.2.8, T.6.2.9

specificity sufficient to present the problem clearly R.2.2.8

summary, sufficiency

reference to AD 2 R.2.2.10, T.6.2.10

reference to AD 3.1 R.2.2.9

reference to AD 5 R.2.2.10

notice of appeal, requirements (AB/WP 20(2)), statement of allegations of errors on issues of law / legal interpretations (AB/WP 20(2)(d)), legal argument in support of claim distinguished R.2.2.8


fair, prompt and effective resolution of disputes and O.1.4

good faith and P.3.1.3

prompt and satisfactory resolution of disputes, Members’ right to (DSU 3), procedure, role O.1.4

request for establishment of panel, requirements (DSU 6.2)

anti-dumping investigation and dispute settlement proceedings, issues distinguished R.2.2.10

clarification, parties’ right to request O.1.4, P.3.1.3, R.2.2.10

standard/powers of review (AB) (AD 17.6)

assessment of the facts (AD 17.6(i)) A.3.57.2, A.3.59.1-3

authorities’ establishment of facts (AD 17.6(i))

“establishment” A.3.59.1

“proper” A.3.59.1

“facts made available” (AD 17.5(ii))

disclosure/discernibility to interested parties by time of final determination, relevance A.3.57.3-4

examination to be based on A.3.57.3-4

interpretation of relevant provisions of AD (AD 17.6(ii)) distinguished A.3.22.2

parties’ obligations (AD 17.5/17.6), AD 3.1 (determination of injury) distinguished A.3.57.2, A.3.58.2

Working Procedures (appellate review) (DSU 17.9), working schedule (WP 26), extension of deadline for circulation of AB report, exceptional workload W.

Turkey — Textiles (WT/DS34/AB/R)     back to top

customs unions and free trade areas (GATT XXIV)

“duties … not on the whole higher … than the general incidence … prior to the formation of [customs] union” R.1.3.1

bound/applied rates distinguished R.1.3.1

“other regulations of commerce” R.1.3.1

Understanding on Article XXIV of GATT 1994 R.1.3.1

“shall not be more restrictive” R.1.3.1

elimination of duties and other trade restrictions on “substantially all” internal trade (GATT XXIV:8(a)(1)) R.1.4.1

flexibility R.1.4.1

“substantially” R.1.4.1

as exception to GATT provisions (GATT XXIV:5, chapeau) R.1.2.1-2


conformity with GATT XXIV: 5(a) and 8(a) R.1.2.2

necessity of measure to establishment of customs union R.1.2.2

object and purpose (GATT XXIV:4)

GATT XXIV as a whole, applicability to R.1.1.1

Understanding on Article XXIV of GATT 1994 and R.1.1.1

“substantially the same” duties and other regulations on external trade R.1.5

flexibility R.1.5.2

“substantially” R.1.5.1-2

interpretation of covered agreements, object and purpose R.1.1.1

safeguard measures, characteristics, as balance between appropriate and legitimate right to protect domestic industry and obligation to maintain integrity of trade concessions R.1.1.1


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