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This page gathers key information on Kazakhstan's negotiations to join the WTO.  Kazakhstan became the 162nd WTO member on 30 November 2015.

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WTO accession process in brief



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Kazakhstan's Timeline

I. Overview
Application received 29/01/1996  WT/ACC/KAZ/1
Accession Working Party established 06/02/1996  WT/GC/M/10
Terms of reference & accession Working Party membership  02/05/1996  WT/ACC/KAZ/2  + ( revisions)
Chairperson of the Accession Working Party     
5th 07/2012 - 06/2015 Ambassador Vesa Himanen (Finland)
4th 10/2008 - 05/2012 Ambassador Hannu Himanen (Finland)
3rd 10/2003 - 10/2008 Ambassador Vesa Himanen (Finland)
2nd 10/1998 - 10/2003 Ambassador Pekka Huhtaniemi (Finland)
1st 04/1996 - 10/1998 Ambassador Björn Ekblom (Finland)
Formal Meetings of the Working Party Convening notice/fax Statement(s) by the Head of the Delegation Statement(s) by Working Party members Delegation list Other documents for the meeting News item
1st 19-20/03/1997
2nd 09/10/1997
3rd 09/10/1998
4th 12-13/07/2001
5th 13/12/2002
6th 04/03/2004
7th 03/11/2004
8th 07/06/2005 News item
9th 01/11/2006
10th 17/07/2008
11th 18/04/2012
12th 24/07/2012
13th 05/10/2012
14th 10/12/2012 News item
15th 20/03/2013 Documents
16th 05/06/2013 Documents News item
17th 23/07/2013 Documents News item
18th 11/10/2013 Documents
19th 23/07/2014 Documents
20th 22/05/2015 Documents News item
20th meeting resumed 17/06/2015 Documents News item
Informal Meetings of the Working Party  


Plurilateral Meetings        
On agriculture 09/11/2004    
On agriculture 08/06/2005    
On agriculture 29/11/2005    
On SPS 18/07/2012    
On TBT 18/07/2012    
On agriculture 19/07/2012    
On TRIMs 19/07/2012    
On TBT 03/10/2012    
On SPS 03/10/2012    
On agriculture 04/10/2012    
On TRIMs 04/10/2012    
On agriculture 05/12/2012    
On SPS 19/03/2013    
On TRIMs 20/03/2013    
On agriculture 21/03/2013    
On SPS 10/10/2013    
On agriculture 10/10/2013    
On SPS 04/06/2013    
On agriculture 04/06/2013    
On SPS 25/06/2014    
Transparency Session on the Treaty of the Eurasian Economic Union (EAEU Treaty) 21/07/2014    
On agriculture 22/07/2014    
On Ordinary Customs Duties 17/09/2014    
On SPS 23/09/2014    
On tariff adjustment 24/09/2014    
On agriculture 10/11/2014    
On SPS 11/11/2014    
On Ordinary Customs Duties 11/11/2014    
On SPS 09/06/2015    
II. Multilateral Negotiations
Memorandum on the Foreign Trade Regime (MFTR)  23/09/1996  WT/ACC/KAZ/3  (+  addendum)
Initial cycle(s) of Questions and Replies, following the circulation of the MFTR 03/02/1997  WT/ACC/KAZ/6   (+  addenda)
25/07/1997  WT/ACC/KAZ/10
05/08/1997  WT/ACC/KAZ/11
20/02/1998  WT/ACC/KAZ/14
23/06/1999  WT/ACC/KAZ/22
01/10/2002  WT/ACC/KAZ/37 (+  addenda & corrigendum)
Factual Summary of Points Raised  09/10/1997 Informal circulation.
updated 15/12/2003  WT/ACC/SPEC/KAZ/8 (+ )
Additional Questions & Replies 03/08/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/50
24/08/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/50/Corr.1
24/01/2005  WT/ACC/KAZ/57
16/11/2005  WT/ACC/KAZ/63
29/05/2006  WT/ACC/KAZ/66 + Annex
25/06/2008  WT/ACC/KAZ/67
04/10/2012  WT/ACC/KAZ/70
23/11/2012  WT/ACC/KAZ/71
27/02/2013  WT/ACC/KAZ/72
13/05/2013  WT/ACC/KAZ/75
15/07/2013  WT/ACC/KAZ/77
24/09/2013  WT/ACC/KAZ/78
09/07/2014  WT/ACC/KAZ/83
08/09/2014  WT/ACC/KAZ/87
Elements of a Draft Report of the Working Party 
Draft Report of the Working Party  20/05/2005  WT/ACC/SPEC/KAZ/9  (+ )
Agriculture (WT/ACC/22/Add.1), including Questions and Replies  25/07/1997  WT/ACC/SPEC/KAZ/2
21/09/2000  WT/ACC/SPEC/KAZ/6   (+ )
24/10/2002  WT/ACC/SPEC/KAZ/7   (+ )
SPS Checklist (WT/ACC/22/Add.2    
  12/10/2000  WT/ACC/KAZ/32  (+  revisions)
  02/03/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/44
  16/11/2005  WT/ACC/KAZ/64
TBT Checklist (WT/ACC/22/Add.2 22/09/2000  WT/ACC/KAZ/27  (+  revision);  WT/ACC/KAZ/65
16/11/2005  WT/ACC/KAZ/65
TRIPS Questionnaire (WT/ACC/22/Add.2 22/09/2000  WT/ACC/KAZ/24
Import Licensing Procedures Questionnaire (WT/ACC/22 + revisions
Customs Valuation Checklist (WT/ACC/22 + revisions
State-Trading Questionnaire (WT/ACC/22 + revisions 07/09/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/51
Draft Subsidies Notification (WT/ACC/22/Add.2 27/02/2013  WT/ACC/KAZ/74
Comprehensive Legislative Action Plan (LAP)  27/02/2013  WT/ACC/KAZ/73  (+  revisions)
Rule-specific Action Plans  17/03/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/47 (TBT)
18/03/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/48 (IP)
07/09/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/53 (SPS)
07/09/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/54 (TBT)
07/09/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/55 (IP)
26/05/2005  WT/ACC/KAZ/59 (IP)
26/05/2005  WT/ACC/KAZ/60  (+  revisions) (TBT)
03/06/2005  WT/ACC/KAZ/61  (+  revisions) (SPS)
Legislation and implementing regulations  Click for details Legislation notice Notified legislation
27/09/1996  WT/ACC/KAZ/4
24/09/1997  WT/ACC/KAZ/13
16/11/1998  WT/ACC/KAZ/18
07/04/1999  WT/ACC/KAZ/20
28/05/1999  WT/ACC/KAZ/21
29/11/1999  WT/ACC/KAZ/23
  •  Law "On Standardization"
  •  Law "On Certification"
  •  Law "On Antidumping"
  •  Law "On Subsidies and Countervailing Measures
  •  Law "On Legal Protection of Selective Breeding Achievement"
  •  Law "On Trademarks, Service Marks and Appellation of Places of Origin of Goods"
  •  Patent Law
03/09/2001  WT/ACC/KAZ/36
17/12/2001  WT/ACC/KAZ/36/Add.1
  •  Law No. 217 of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On Legal Protection of Layout Design of Integrated Microcircuits", dated 29 June 2001
17/01/2002  WT/ACC/KAZ/36/Add.2
  •  Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan "On the Unfair Competition" No. 232-1, dated 9 June 1998
18/02/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/36/Add.3

 WT/ACC/KAZ/39   (+  revision)

03/07/2003  WT/ACC/KAZ/42
03/08/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/50/Add.1
13/09/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/56
24/01/2005  WT/ACC/KAZ/57/Add.1
14/02/2005  WT/ACC/KAZ/57/Add.2
12/05/2005  WT/ACC/KAZ/57/Add.3
25/10/2005  WT/ACC/KAZ/62
16/11/2005  WT/ACC/KAZ/63/Add.1
29/05/2006  WT/ACC/KAZ/66/Add.1
25/06/2008  WT/ACC/KAZ/67/Add.1
04/04/2012  WT/ACC/KAZ/68
18/09/2012  WT/ACC/KAZ/69
25/09/2012  WT/ACC/KAZ/69/Add.1
29/11/2012  WT/ACC/KAZ/71/Add.1
28/02/2013  WT/ACC/KAZ/72/Add.1
17/05/2013  WT/ACC/KAZ/75/Add.1
03/06/2013  WT/ACC/KAZ/75/Add.3
21/06/2013  WT/ACC/KAZ/76
16/07/2013  WT/ACC/KAZ/77/Add.1
09/07/2014  WT/ACC/KAZ/84
09/07/2014  WT/ACC/KAZ/85  (+  revision)
06/05/2015  WT/ACC/KAZ/92
04/11/2015  WT/ACC/KAZ/89 
Consultation documents    Click for details Consultation notice Notified consultation document
27/09/1996  WT/ACC/KAZ/5
10/03/1997  WT/ACC/KAZ/7
  •  Check List of Documents
25/03/1997  WT/ACC/KAZ/8
19/09/1997  WT/ACC/KAZ/12  Services
03/10/1997  WT/ACC/KAZ/7/Rev.1  Check List of Document
01/07/1998  WT/ACC/KAZ/15
03/10/1997  WT/ACC/KAZ/7/Rev.2  Check List of Document
05/10/1998  WT/ACC/KAZ/17
  •  Information Regarding Normative-Legislative Acts of Kazakstan in the Foreign Economic Sphere
09/12/1998  WT/ACC/KAZ/19
  •  Report on the Economic Situation in Kazakstan
22/09/2000  WT/ACC/KAZ/25  Information on Trade-Related Investment Measures in the Republic of Kazakstan
22/09/2000  WT/ACC/KAZ/26
  •  Information on Industrial Property Rights in the Republic of Kazakstan
21/09/2000  WT/ACC/KAZ/28
  •  Information on Technical Barriers in Trade in the Republic of Kazakstan
12/10/2000  WT/ACC/KAZ/29
  •  Memorandum on Taxation Regime
12/10/2000  WT/ACC/KAZ/30
  •  Memorandum on Privatization
11/10/2000  WT/ACC/KAZ/31
  •  Information on Sanitary and Phytosanitary Measures
19/04/2001  WT/ACC/KAZ/33 Communication by the Chairman of the Inter-Ministerial Commission on WTO Issues of the Republic of Kazakhstan
18/04/2001  WT/ACC/KAZ/34 (+  revisions)
  •  Memorandum on the Foreign Trade-Related Legislation Changes in the Foreign Trade-Related Legislation from the date of the last Working Party Meeting in October 1998
31/05/2001  WT/ACC/KAZ/35
03/07/2001  WT/ACC/KAZ/7/Rev.3  Check List of Document
04/12/2002  WT/ACC/KAZ/38 (+  revisions)
03/10/1997  WT/ACC/KAZ/34/Rev.1  Memorandum on Foreign Trade Legislation Amendments of Legislative Acts Referred to Foreign Trade Since the Last Meeting of the Working Party in July 2001
30/04/2003  WT/ACC/KAZ/40
28/05/2003  WT/ACC/KAZ/41
28/05/2003  WT/ACC/KAZ/34/Rev.2  Memorandum on Foreign Trade Legislation, Changes and Amendments to the Legislation Affecting Foreign Trade
02/03/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/34/Rev.3  Memorandum on Foreign Trade Legislation, Changes and Amendments to the Legislation Affecting Foreign Trade
02/03/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/43 (+  revisions)
02/03/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/45  Information on Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Measures
03/03/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/46
17/03/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/47
04/05/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/49
06/08/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/50/Add.2
07/09/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/43/Rev.1  Memorandum on Foreign Trade Legislation - Revision
07/09/2004  WT/ACC/KAZ/52
  •  Notification of Technical Barriers to Trade (TBT) and Sanitary and Phytosanitary (SPS) Enquiry Point
26/05/2005  WT/ACC/KAZ/58
  •  Memorandum on Foreign Trade Legislation: Changes in Foreign Trade Related Legislation
31/10/2006  WT/ACC/KAZ/58/Rev.1
  •  Memorandum on Foreign Trade Legislation: Changes in Foreign Trade Related Legislation
10/07/2008  WT/ACC/KAZ/58/Rev.2
  •  Memorandum on Foreign Trade Legislation: Changes in Foreign Trade Related Legislation
03/04/2012  WT/ACC/KAZ/58/Rev.3
  •  Memorandum on Foreign Trade Legislation: Changes in Foreign Trade Related Legislation
  • Notice of Inputs for Market Access Negotiations on Goods
  • - Customs Union’s Common External Tariff (CET) in force as of 23 August 2012
  • - Import statistics of Kazakhstan and the Russian Federation for 2009-2011 on the tariff lines where there are discrepancies between the tariff commitments. The file is divided into two parts: i) import statistics for the tariff lines with discrepancies in IBR; and ii) import statistics for the tariff lines with discrepancies in FBR
  • - Headnotes for the draft Goods Schedule, based on the results of bilateral market access negotiations on goods between Kazakhstan and WTO Members in the framework of Kazakhstan's accession to the WTO
17/05/2013  WT/ACC/KAZ/75/Add.2
24/09/2013  WT/ACC/KAZ/79
24/06/2014  WT/ACC/KAZ/80
  •  Communication from the Permanent Mission of Ukraine regarding its market goods access negotiations with Kazakhstan
25/06/2014  WT/ACC/KAZ/81
  •  Communication from WP Chairperson
30/06/2014  WT/ACC/KAZ/82
  •  Notification from Chinese Taipei regarding its Memorandum of Understanding on Bilateral Negotiations on Services between with the Republic of Kazakhstan
19/08/2014  WT/ACC/KAZ/86 Part 1; Part 2
  •  Summary of the Transparency Session on the Treaty of the Eurasian Economic Union ("EAEU TREATY")
04/11/2014  WT/ACC/KAZ/88
  •  Information note on the Eurasian economic treaty
06/11/2014  WT/ACC/KAZ/90
  •  Communication from and with Ukraine
12/11/2014  WT/ACC/KAZ/91
  •  Chairman's Concluding Remarks and "Next steps"
07/09/2015  WT/ACC/KAZ/95
  •  Derestriction of documents
III. Bilateral Market Access Negotiations 
Goods Offer(s)  24/06/1997  WT/ACC/SPEC/KAZ/1
~ revised 05/06/1998  WT/ACC/KAZ/16 
09/05/2000  WT/ACC/SPEC/KAZ/4   (+ )
Services Offer(s)  02/12/2004  WT/ACC/SPEC/KAZ/3 
~ revised 30/05/2000  WT/ACC/SPEC/KAZ/5   (+ )
Register of Bilateral Market Access Agreements 
Draft Goods Schedule  12/04/2012  WT/ACC/SPEC/KAZ/10   (+ )
Draft Services Schedule  30/07/2014  WT/ACC/SPEC/KAZ/12 (+ )
Goods and Services Technical Verification Meetings     
On goods 20/07/2012
On goods 08/10/2012
On goods 11/12/2012
On services 24/09/2014
On services 26/09/2014
On goods 08/04/2015
IV. Summary of Final Meeting of the Working Party
V. Accession Package (“Terms of Accession”, de-restricted) 
Ministerial Conference/General Council Decision on the Accession 27/07/2015  WT/L/957 News item & Statement by the WTO Director-General
Protocol of Accession  27/07/2015  WT/L/957
Report of the Working Party 23/06/2015  WT/ACC/KAZ/93
Goods Schedule (Schedule of Concessions and Commitments Annexed to the GATT 1994)  23/06/2015  WT/ACC/KAZ/93/Add.1
Services Schedule (Schedule of Specific Commitments Annexed to the GATS)  23/06/2015  WT/ACC/KAZ/93/Add.2
VI. Accessions Commitments Database (ACDB) 
Specific Accession Commitments click on “Report by Member”, select “Kazakhstan” in drop down list then click on “View Report”
VII. Instrument of Acceptance 
Notification of Acceptance and Entry Into Force of the Protocol of Accession 31/10/2015  WT/LET/1093 News item
VIII. Date of Membership
  30/11/2015 162nd WTO Member News item
IX. Since 1995, this is the…
34th economy that joined the WTO pursuant to Article XII of the Marrakesh Agreement.

The de-restriction of documents is a key component of the transparency obligations of the Multilateral Trading System.  Paragraphs 1 and 2(e) of the Ministerial Council Decision WT/L/452 of 14 May 2002 provide that “documents relating to working parties on accession shall be restricted and shall be automatically de-restricted upon the adoption of the report of the working party” by the Ministerial Conference/General Council.  The time of completion of the de-restriction process depends on the amount and complexities of the documents involved.  Prior to 2002, the de-restriction of accession-related documents was governed by a different set of rules (i.e. General Council Decision WT/L/160/Rev.1 of 26 July 1996), which only affect documents circulated prior to 2002.