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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

AB reports

see also panel reports

adoption by DSB (DSU 17.14) R.4.3.1

as critical date for determining prompt compliance (DSU 21.3(c)) ARB.5.2.1-2

parties’ obligation to accept R.4.3.18, S.7.2A.8, W.2.3.3, W.2.3.4

extension of deadline for circulation W.2.10.2

panel’s reliance on S.8

as precedent C.3.1.3-4, R.4.3.17, S.7.2.20, S.8.4, S.8.5, W.1.4

abandonment of action: see notice of appeal, requirements (AB/WP 20(2)), amendment; Working Procedures (appellate review) (DSU 17.9), withdrawal of appeal (AB/WP 30)

abuse of discretion (panel), failure to make objective assessment (DSU 11) C.3.1.3, E.3.1.2, S.8.5, W.1.4

abuse of rights / abus de droit, pacta sunt servanda / performance in good faith (VCLT 26) P.3.1.1

accession protocols A.0

trading rights commitments

enforceability A.0.1.1

“goods” and “services”, distinguishability A.0.1.2, A.0.2.1

interpretation in accordance with VCLT A.0.1.1

“without prejudice to the right to regulate trade …consistent with the WTO Agreement”  A.0.2.1

act of State: see State responsibility

actionable/non-actionable subsidy (SCM) S.2.2.2

administrative instruments, right to challenge A.3.55.3, A.3.62.2, M.1.9, P.

administrative, selling and general costs: see determination of dumping (AD 2), calculation of  administrative, selling and general costs and profits (AD 2.2.2)

admission of evidence: see evidence (panel procedures) (DSU 12 and Appendix 3)

adverse effects (SCM 5): see serious prejudice (SCM 6)

adverse inferences: see inferences from party’s refusal to provide information, panel’s right to draw

Aggregate Measurement of Support (AMS) (AG 1(a)/Annex 3)

Base Total AMS/commitment levels (AG 1(a)/Annex 3), absolute nature A.1.1.1

“constituent data and methodology”, beef, absence A.1.2.2

market price support (AG Annex 3, paragraph 8), “production eligible” A.1.35.1

“provisions of Annex 3” / “constituent data and methodology” (AG 1(a)(ii)), priority  A.1.2.2

Agreement on Agriculture (AG)

see also Aggregate Measurement of Support (AMS) (AG 1(a)/Annex 3); domestic support commitments (AG 6); domestic support measures, exemption from GATT XVI and SCM Part III measures (AG 13) (“due restraint” clause); payments on export of agricultural product financed by virtue of governmental action (AG 9.1(c)) 

export competition commitments (AG 8), compliance with both AG and Schedule of Commitments, need for A.1.14B.1-2, T.1.4

GATT 1994 and (AG 21.1) A.1.37, A.1.38.2, A.1.38.15, C.4.27

dispute settlement and A.1.37.2

market access concessions and commitments (AG 4.1) and A.1.8.2-3, A.1.37.2

see also market access concessions and commitments (AG 4.1)

primacy of AG A.1.37.1, A.1.37.4, A.1.38.2, T.1.4.1

specific provisions in AG dealing with same matter, need for A.1.38.2-9


conformity with other articles A.1.14.3

context (VCLT 31(2))

article as a whole (Annex 2, para. 6) A.1.34D.2.6

SCM Agreement A.1.20.7, A.1.38.12, S.2.12.7

surrounding language A.1.14.3

treaty as a whole including annexes A.1.34C.5.1

effectiveness principle (ut res magis valeat quam pereat / effet utile) A.1.10.2, A.1.14.3A.1.14.4

means, same or closely related phrases in different agreements A.1.4.2

object and purpose

consistency with object and purpose of Article 10, as a whole A.1.33A.4 

preamble as evidence of A.1.5A.2

preamble/chapeau of article under discussion and A.1.34C.2.5-6

preparatory work (VCLT 32), Modalities Paper and A.1.37.2, A.1.37A.3

same or closely related phrases in different agreements A.1.32A.2

same or closely related phrases in same agreement A.1.5A.1, A.1.34D.3.1-2

text/plain language A.1.14B.1, A.1.17.3

wording and grammar, respect for A.1.9.1

market access (AG 4): see market access concessions and commitments (AG 4.1) 

object and purpose

agricultural reform A.1.8.1

prevention of circumvention of export subsidy commitments (AG 10) A.1.33A.5

substantial progressive reductions in agricultural support and protection A.1.5A.3-4

Schedules of Commitments (AG 3) [and AG Annex 3], incorporation into AG 3 and 6 R.2.2.11

conformity with AG, need for A.1.14B.1-2, T.1.4.1

as integral part of GATT 1994 (AG 3.1) A.1.4A.1, A.1.37.4 

primacy of AG (AG 21) A.1.6.3-4, T.1.4.1

SCM Agreement and

see also subsidies, prohibited (SCM, Part II), “contingent upon export performance” (SCM 3.1(a)); subsidies, prohibited (SCM, Part II), “except as provided in the Agreement on Agriculture” (SCM 3.1(a)) 

AG 6 and SCM 3.1(b) distinguished A.1.14A.2-3, I.3.7.10

primacy of AG (SCM 3.1) A.1.38.11-13

AG 13(c)(ii) and A.1.38.1

special safeguards (AG 5): see special safeguards (AG 5)

specific action against dumping (AD 18.1): see specific action against dumping (AD 18.1)

Agreement on Safeguards: see determination of serious injury or threat thereof (SG 4), requirements; investigation of conditions for safeguard measures, requirements (SG 3.1/SG 4.2(c)); safeguard measures (SG/GATT XIX) 

amicus curiae briefs A.2

see also standing/right to bring claim (DSU 3.7); third party rights 

Additional Procedure (EC — Asbestos) A.2.3., W.2.2.1, W.2.6.6

adoption under AB/WP 16(1) A.2.3.1-2, W.2.6.6

failure to comply with Additional Procedure as ground for rejection A.2.3.5

time-limits A.2.3.4

request for views A.2.3.1, W.2.6.6

text A.2.3.3

NGO/private individual briefs A.2.1

arguments not addressed or adopted by participants or third parties A.2.1.13

discretionary power of panel to accept/reject A.2.1.2-16

conditions, panel’s right to attach A.2.1.4 

consultation with parties A.2.1.4

as integral part of party’s submission A.2.1.1, A.2.1.11

party’s responsibility for A.2.1.1, A.2.1.11

WTO Member briefs A.2.2

discretionary power of AB to accept/reject A.2.2.1-7

interference with “fair, prompt and effective resolution of trade disputes” and A.2.2.6

rights as third party (DSU 10.2 and 17.4), relevance A.2.2.4

anti-circumvention action: see export subsidy commitments, prevention of circumvention (AG 10.1)

Anti-Dumping Agreement (AD) / GATT 1994 VI relationship A.3.64 

see also consultation and dispute settlement (AD 17); determination of dumping (AD 2); determination of injury (AD 3/SCM 15); dumping/margin of dumping, definition/constituent elements (AD 2.1/GATT VI:1); duration and review of anti-dumping duties and price undertakings / countervailing measures (AD 11/SCM 21); evidentiary rules (AD 6/SCM 12); imposition and collection of anti-dumping duties (AD 9); investigation of dumping (AD 5) / subsidy (SCM 11); judicial review (AD 13); provisional measures (AD 7); public notice and explanation of determinations on anti-dumping investigation / countervailing duties (AD 12/SCM 22); standard/powers of review (AB) (AD 17.6); WTO-conformity of domestic laws, regulations and administrative procedures, obligation to ensure (AD 18.4) 

AD Agreement as agreement on implementation of GATT VI A.3.64.2

AD Agreement and GATT 1994 as integral part of WTO Agreement A.3.64.1

applicability of GATT VI as implying applicability of AD Agreement A.3.64.2

as inseparable package of rights A.3.38A.1, A.3.66.3

scope of GATT VI as clarified by AD 18.1 (specificaction against dumping) A.3.65.3-5

appeal: see conditional appeal; notice of appeal, requirements (AB/WP 20(2)) 

appellate review (DSU 17): see AB reports; competence (AB) (DSU 17.6); notice of appeal, requirements (AB/WP 20(2)); Working Procedures (appellate review) (DSU 17.9) 

applicable law

see also interpretation of covered agreements, applicable law; municipal law; Working Procedures (panel) (DSU 12.1 and Appendix 3), applicable law

determination of dumping and calculation of dumping margins A.3.65.8

determination of serious injury or threat (SG 4) M.5.6, S.1.4.1, S.1.20.1-2

laws, regulations and administrative procedures (AD 18.4), determination of status as A.3.62.3L.1

trademarks P.2.1.1, P.2.2.2

appropriate level of protection: see sanitary and phytosanitary measures, appropriate level of protection (SPS 5.5-5.6)

appropriateness: see proportionality

arguments: see claims and arguments; legal basis of claim (DSU 6.2); notice of appeal, requirements (AB/WP 20(2)); standard of review (panels) (DSU 11), “objective assessment of matter before it”, all arguments, need to consider; standing/right to bring claim (DSU 3.7); third party rights 

ATC (Agreement on Textiles and Clothing): see transitional safeguards (ATC 6) 


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