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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

waivers W.1

decision granting, requirements W.1.5

exceptional nature W.1.3, W.1.5

Lom´e waiver L.3.1, W.1.1-3

purpose W.1.4

weighted average: see determination of dumping (AD 2), calculation of administrative, selling and general costs and profits (AD 2.2.2), “weighted average” (AD 2.2.2(ii)); determination of dumping (AD 2), calculation of margins of dumping (AD 2.4), comparison of weighted average normal value with weighted average of all comparable export transactions; dumping/margin of dumping, definition/constituent elements (AD 2.1/GATT VI:1); imposition and collection of anti-dumping duties (AD 9), calculation of “all other” anti-dumping duty rate (AD 9.4), weighted average margin of dumping established with respect to investigated exporters as ceiling (AD 9.4(i))

withdrawal of appeal: see notice of appeal, requirements (AB/WP 20(2)), amendment; Working Procedures (appellate review) (DSU 17.9), withdrawal of appeal (AB/WP 30)

withdrawal or modification of measure (DSU 3.7): see implementation of DSB recommendations and rulings (DSU 21)

“withdrawal of subsidy without delay” (SCM 4.7) S.2.19

contractual obligations, relevance S.2.19.3

full withdrawal, need for R.4.3.11

obligation of parties to accept recommendation R.4.3.7-9 


DSU 21.3 provisions, relevance S.2.19.3

insufficiency of facts in panel report for AB to specify C.4.27, S.2.19.5

specification by panel R.4.3.7, S.2.19.3, S.2.19.10

“withdraw” S.2.19.1

“without delay” S.2.19.2

Working Procedures (appellate review) (DSU 17.9)  

amendment A.2.1.7, W.2.1 n. 190, W.2.7A.1

appellant’s submission (WP 21), requirements (WP 21(2)) W.2.7A

appellee’s submission (WP 22), conditional request to complete analysis and W.2.7B

composition of delegation

legal representation, importance P.4.2

Member’s right to determine W.2.6.1

concurring opinion (WP 3(2)) W.2.3

confidentiality (Rules of Conduct, Art. VII:1) B.4.3, C.6.2, W.2.4

see also confidentiality of proceedings (DSU 17.10/DSU 18.2)

determination by Appellate Body (DSU 17.9) A.2.1.7, W.2.7A.1

documents (WP 18)

correction of clerical errors in submissions W.2.6A.1-6, W.2.6A.9, W.2.6A.11

filing requirement (WP 18(1)) W.2.6A.7-8, W.2.6A.10

fairness and orderly procedure, adoption of appropriate procedure (WP 16.1)

see also amicus curiae briefs, Additional Procedure (EC- Asbestos)

compliance with time-limits W.2.6.12, W.2.6A.8, W.2.6A.10

consolidation of proceedings W.2.6.13, W.2.6.15, W.

failure of notice of appeal to conform with requirements and W.2.6.9-10

open oral hearing W.

re-hearing following death of member of division hearing appeal W.2.6.8

third party participation in consolidated proceedings W.2.6.13

multiple appeals (AB/WP 23), joinder S.3.1.1, W.2.8

notice of appeal (WP 20(2)): see notice of appeal, requirements (AB/WP 20(2))

object and purpose, fair, prompt and effective resolution of disputes B.3.1.17, C.4.25, W.2.1.1-2

obligation to observe S.3.1.1, W.2.8

oral hearing (WP 27) and: see confidentiality of proceedings (DSU 17.10/DSU 18.2), open oral hearing (WP 27) and

oral hearing (WP 27) and

change of date W.

joint hearing W.2.11.2

replacement on division (WP 13) W.2.5, W.2.6.8

Rules of Conduct, applicability (WP 8) B.4.3, C.6.2, W.2.4

separate opinion (AB/WP 3(2)/DSU 17.11) W.2.3A

third participants (DSU 17.4/WP 24): see third party rights, AB proceedings (DSU 17.4/WP 24)

time-limits: see working schedule (WP 26) below

transition (WP 15) W.2.5A

withdrawal of appeal (AB/WP 30) W.2.13

conditioned on right to refile notice of appeal in accordance with WP 20 W.2.13.1

good faith and W.

timing W.2

unconditional nature of right W.

working schedule (WP 26)

extension of deadline for circulation of AB report W.2.10.2

death of member of division hearing appeal W.

exceptional complexity W.

exceptional workload W., W.

modification in exceptional circumstances at request of parties, participants or third participants (WP 16(2)) W.2.6.2, W.2.6.7, W.2.6.11, W.2.6.14, W.2.6.16-17, W.2.10.1

oral hearing W.

written responses (WP 28) W.2.12

Working Procedures (panel) (DSU 12.1 and Appendix 3) W.3

see also abuse of discretion (panel); due process (dispute settlement proceedings); information or technical advice, panel’s right to seek (DSU 13); request for establishment of panel, requirements (DSU 6.2); Working Procedures (appellate review)

applicable law

panel’s right to determine E.3.1.1

Working Procedures (DSU Appendix 3) E.3.1.1

agreement of parties to alternative procedure E.3.1.1

evidence: see evidence (admissibility and evaluation in panel proceedings) (DSU 12.1 and Appendix 3)

high quality reports / avoidance of delay, flexibility in achieving balance (DSU 12.2) D.2.2.9, D.2.2.24-5, E.3.2.2

multiple appeals: see multiple appeals (AB/WP 23)

objections, requirements

see also competence (panels), objections, requirements

good faith D.2.2.13, O.1.3, O.1.6, P.3.1.2, P.3.1.7

panel proceedings as two-stage process E.3.1.1, W.3.6, W.3.7, W.3.8

panel’s discretion D.2.2.2-3, O.1.1, O.1.9, W.3.3

burden of proof W.3.3

due process and D.2.2.2-3, O.1.1

limitations J.2.1.16-22, T.6.1.12-16, W.3.4

multiple complainants and (DSU 9) P.1.3.2

preliminary rulings, desirability W.3.1

review of evidence S.3.3.8, S.3.3.9

time-limits, submission of evidence E.3.1.1-2

working schedule: see Working Procedures (appellate review) (DSU 17.9), working schedule (WP 26)

World Customs Organization (WCO), decisions as aid to interpretation of Schedules of Tariff Concessions T.1.2.2

WTO Agreement

conflict between constituent covered agreements, precedence (WTO, Annex 1A) S.2.41.1, S.2.41.4, S.5.2-4

GATT 1947 and: see GATT 1947

integral parts (WTO II) G.2.1.3, I.3.7.7, S.2.41.1, S.2.41.2

see also Agreement on Agriculture (AG), Schedules of Commitments (AG 3) [and AG Annex 3], incorporation into AG 3 and 6, as integral part of GATT 1994 (AG 3.1); Anti-Dumping Agreement (AD) / GATT 1994 VI, relationship, AD Agreement and GATT 1994 as integral part of WTO Agreement; Schedules of Concessions (GATT II), as integral part of GATT 1994 (WTO II:2)

applicability of preamble to all covered agreements W.4.1.1

DSU as evidence of S.2.41.2

object and purpose (preamble) N.1.4.1, S.2.41.2, W.4.1.1

obligation to ensure conformity of domestic laws, regulations and administrative procedures (WTO XVI:4) W.4.3

see also WTO-conformity of domestic laws, regulations and administrative procedures, obligation to ensure (AD 18.4)

WTO dispute settlement system: see DSU, obligatory recourse to when seeking redress for violation of covered agreements (DSU 23)

WTO-conformity of domestic laws, regulations and administrative procedures, obligation to ensure (AD 18.4) A.3.62, L.1.7

see also WTO Agreement, obligation to ensure conformity of domestic laws, regulations and administrative procedures (WTO XVI:4)

dispute settlement procedures, applicability to A.3.62.1, L.1.8

“laws, regulations and administrative procedures” A.3.62.2-3, A.3.62.5, L.1.8, M.1.9

characterization by domestic authorities, relevance A.3.62.3, L.1.8

determination of legal status as by reference to WTO law A.3.62.3, A.3.62.5, L.1

line of computer code for incorporation into anti-dumping proceeding, whether L.1.20

written instrument, need for L.1.17-19, S.7.2.13

obligation to ensure conformity (AD 18.4) A.3.62.1


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