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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

harmonization of measures (SPS 3)

general rule/exception, relationship (SPS 3.1 and 3.2), whether B.3.1.11 S.6.8.1–3

measures based on international standards (SPS 3.1) S.6.6

“based on” S.6.6.1 S.6.6.3

burden of proof B.3.1.11 S.6.6.3

measures which conform to international standards (SPS 3.2) S.6.7

burden of proof S.6.7.1–2

incorporation into municipal law S.6.7.2

presumption of consistency S.6.6.1 S.6.6.3 S.6.7.2–5 S.6.20.5

measures resulting in a higher level of protection (SPS 3.3) S.6.7.5 S.6.20.5 S.6.20.7

measures which result in a higher level of protection (SPS 3.3) S.6.8

consistency with other SPS articles including SPS 5.1-8 S.6.8.4

burden of proof B.3.3.3

Members’ right to choose S.6.5.1 S.6.5.3

presumption of consistency S.6.7.5

risk assessment, need for (SPS 3.3, Footnote 2 and SPS 5.1) S.6.8.4 S.6.9.8

scientific justification, need for S.6.8.4

SPS preamble S.6.8.2

Harmonized System

as aid to interpretation of covered agreements H.1.1–4 H.1.8 I.3.3.6–7 N. N. T.1.2.2 T.1.2.9 T.1.2.14–15

as basis for classification in Schedules of Concessions/covered agreements H.1.8–11 T.1.1A.3–4 T.1.2.9

Chapter Notes

binding effect H.1.5

Explanatory Notes distinguished H.1.5

“customs” P.

“preservation” as objective criterion H.1.6–7

WTO agreements, relationship with H.1.3–4 H.1.8 I.3.3.6–7 T.1.2.9

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