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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

judicial, arbitral or administrative review (GATT X:3(b)) P.5.3.2

independent judicial, arbitral or dministrative review (GATT X:3(b))

as due process requirement P.

first instance review, limitation to P.

uniformity requirement (GATT X:3(a)) and P.

laws, regulations, judicial decisions and administrative rulings of general application (GATT X:1) P.5.1.1-3

substance and fact of publication distinguished P.5.1.3

measures of general application (GATT X:2) P.5.2

uniform, impartial and reasonable administration (GATT X:3(a)) P.5.3.1, P., T.2.4

standard of proof P., P.

judicial economy C.3.2.1, I.3.8.3, J.1, J.2.1.21, M.1.8, N.1.11.7, P.1.1.7, P.1.1.8, S.3.2.6, S.3.4.1-7, S.7.1.12, T.6.1.16

see also competence (AB); competence (panels); competence (panels and AB (DSU 3.2)); standard of review (panels) (DSU 11); terms of reference of panels (DSU 7)

appellate review, effect on S.1.32.3

definition J.1.14

due process and J.1.10

inter-dependent assumptions, reliance on O.2.5, S.1.32.1

mootness of panel findings A.3.12.3, C.4.33, M.3.1, M.3.3, M.3.11

standard of review (panels) (DSU 11) S.7.2.18

panel’s discretionary power to determine

which arguments must be examined S.7.2.3

which claims must be examined J.1.5, J.1.8, J.1.10, J.1.15-18, J.1.23, R.4.3.14, S.2.9.10, S.2.39.8

obligation to address claims not examined J.1.10, J.1.13

“positive solution to dispute” requirement and C.7.23, J.1.6-7, J.1.21-3, R.2.2.23, S.2.19.4, S.3.3.3-7, S.3.4.1, S.6.14.5, S.7.7.2

special rule or additional procedure, whether S.5.5.5

unchallenged panel finding and A.3.64.3

wrongful failure to rule on claim distinguished I.0.3

judicial review (domestic courts): see domestic judicial proceedings

jurisdiction: see competence (AB); competence (panels); competence (panels and AB (DSU 3.2/DSU 11)); DSU, applicability (DSU 1.1); terms of reference of panels (DSU 7)


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