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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

objections: see competence (panels), objections, requirements; panel procedures (DSU 12.1 and Appendix 3), objections, requirements

“objective assessment of matter before it”: see standard of review (panels) (DSU 11); standard/scope of review (AB) (AD 17.6)

Oilseeds Agreement (EC–Brazil), covered agreement status B.2.1

oral hearing (WP 27) W.2.11

change of date W.2.11.1

compétence de la compétence (AB) W.

joint oral hearing W.2.11.2

open oral hearing W.2.11.3

AB’s right to lift DSU 17.10 confidentiality requirement W. W. W.

additional procedures (WP 16(1)) W.–16

BCI/HSBI-related issues W.

“proceedings” (DSU 17.10), whether W.

third party oral presentation W.2.9.8–9 W.2.9.12 W.2.9.17 W.

third party passive participation in W.2.9.8–9 W.2.9.12–17

time-limits for oral arguments W.2.11.4

written responses (WP 28) W.2.12

order of analysis

assumptions, panel’s right to use O.2

clarity of analysis, risk to O.2.8 O.2.13

interdependent assumptions O.2.5

obligation to avoid misleading a priori assumptions E.3.2.27

unsuitability in respect of jurisdictional issues/preliminary questions O.2.13

failure to follow logical order O.2.7 O.2.8 O.2.14–15 S.2.3.4

failure to follow mandatory order O.2.6

GATS XIV (chapeau/exceptions) O.2.11

GATS I:1 (applicability/determination of consistency) G.1.1.3 G.1.1.5–7 M.2.2.3 O.2.4

GATT III:4 and TRIMs/SCM 3.1(b) O.2.21–22 S.2.41.6 S.2.45.1

GATT III:4/GATT XX G.3.2.1 G.3.2.2 G.3.2.3 R.2.3.8

GATT XVII:1(a)/GATT XVII:1(b) O.2.8 S.7A.3.4–7

GATT XX (chapeau compliance/exceptions) O.2.1–2

holistic approach, desirability R.2.3.26

judicial economy O.2.5 S.1.32.1

more specific agreement as starting point O.2.21–22

necessity test (GATS XIV(a)) G.3.3A.8

necessity test (GATT XX(a) and GATT XX(B)) G.3.3A.5–7 G.3.3A.8–10 G.3.4A.1 R.2.3.26

necessity test (GATT XX(d)) G.3.3A.8

overlap between claims O.2.16 O.2.18

panel’s right to depart from order suggested by complainant O.2.12

panel’s right to determine order O.2.8 O.2.10

SCM 1:1 (“subsidy”)/SCM 3.1(a) (Annex I (Illustrative List of Export Subsidies), Footnote 59) O.2.3

SCM 1.1 (characterization of measure/determination of SCM I.1(a)(1) status) O.2.15 S.2.3.4 S.2.3.8

SCM 1.1/SCM 2.1 O.2.17–19 S.2.10A.1.1 S.2.10A.2.8 S.2.10A.2.11 S.2.10A.2.20

SCM 1.1(a)(1)(iv)/SCM 1.1(b) E.3.2.29

SCM 1.1(b) (determination of relevant market/analysis of benefit) S.2.9A.27

SCM 2.1(a)–(b)/SCM 2.1(c) S.2.10A.2.23 S.2.10A.3.1–2

SCM 6.3(c) (existence of price suppression/price suppression as result of subsidy) O.2.9 S.2.19A.1 S.2.19B.1 S.2.19B.3 S.2.19B.4.4–5

ordinary customs duties, definition

see also measures requiring conversion into ordinary customs duties (AG 4.2); Schedules of Concessions (GATT II), ordinary customs duties in excess of those provided for in Schedule (GATT II:1(b))

AG 4.2 A.1.10.4 A.1.13.1

GATT II:1(b) N.1.1A.2–3 T.1.1A.3

ordinary meaning of

“in accordance with” A.1.2.1

“administrative action relating to customs matters” P.

“affecting” C.7.12 G.1.1.1

“of any kind” A.1.10.1

“at issue” R.2.3.14 T.6.3.10

“benefit” S.2.9A.7

“characteristics” T.4.1.1

“concessions” T.1.3.1 T.1.3.2

“conforms with” S.1.44.2 S.1.44.4

“consider” I.3.9A.1

“contingent” S.2.12.8 S.2.16.1

“determine” A.3.47.3

“directly competitive or substitutable” D.1.2 D.1.10 N.1.6.1 T.7.4.1

“discriminate” E.1.2.2 E.1.2.2–3 S.7A.1.2

“emergency action” S.1.45.1

“establishment” A.3.59.1

“generalized” E.1.2.4

“goods” S.2.6.2

“immediately” S.1.40.2

“increasing” A.3.2

“investigation” S.1.19.1

“is being imported” S.1.8.2

“as is”/“telle quelle” P.2.2.2–3

“known exporter or producer” A.

“make available” T.9.10.4

“market” S.2.19B.1.3–5 S.2.19B.1.16

“method” S.2.22.7

“modify” T.1.5.1

“objective” A.3.59.2

“ordinary customs duty” J.

“owner” T.9.5.1

“payments” A.1.15.1 A.1.17.2

“potential” S.6.9.4 S.6.12.6

“price suppression” J.

“probability” S.6.9.4

“proceedings” C.6.1

“proper” A.3.59.1

“provide” S.2.6.7

“rapidly” A.3.2 A.3.8–9

“related to” A.1.34D.2.4 P.

“result” S.1.48.1

“salted” J.

“shall” A. A.3.40.4

“should not exceed” ARB.4.2.1

“significant” A.3.10

“sound recording distribution services” G. J. J. J.

“specific” A.1.34C.2.3

“specific action against dumping” A.3.61.1 A.3.61.5

“sporting” G. I.3.2.10 J.

“subject to” T.1.1.3

“substantially” R.1.5.1

“such measures” A.1.34C.2.4

“suppression” O.2.9 S.2.19B.4.2 S.2.19B.4.3

“taking a decision” S.1.40.3

“terms and conditions” T.1.1.3

“threaten” A.1.32A.1 A.1.32A.3 M.1.10

“tied to” S.2.12.2A

“treatment no less favourable” S.2.16.1

“unbiased” A.3.59.2

“undue delay” S.6.24A.2

“variable” A.1.13.1

“withdraw” S.2.19.1

“zeroing” I.3.12.1

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