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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

objections: see competence (panels), objections, requirements; Working Procedures (panel) (DSU 12.1 and Appendix 3), objections, requirements

“objective assessment of matter before it”: see standard of review (panels) (DSU 11); standard/powers of review (AB) (AD 17.6)

Oilseeds Agreement (EC—Brazil), covered agreement, whether B.2.1

order of analysis

assumptions, panel’s right to use O.2

clarity of use, need for O.2.8

inter-dependent assumptions O.2.5

obligation to avoid misleading a priori assumptions E.3.2.27

failure to follow mandatory order O.2.6

GATS I:1 (applicability of GATS / determination of consistency) G.1.1.3, G.1.1.5-7, M.2.2.3, O.2.4

GATS XIV (chapeau/exceptions) O.2.11

GATT XVII:1(a)/GATT XVII:1(b) O.2.8, S.7A.3.4-7

GATT XX (chapeau compliance/exceptions) O.2.1-2

holistic approach, desirability R.2.3.26

judicial economy and O.2.5, S.1.32.1

necessity test (GATS XIV(a)) G.3.3A.8

necessity test (GATT XX(a)) G.3.3A.8-10

necessity test (GATT XX(b)) G.3.3A.5-7, G.3.4A.1, R.2.3.26

necessity test (GATT XX(d)) G.3.3A.8

omission of step O.2.7, O.2.8

panel’s right to

depart from order suggested by complainant O.2.12

determine O.2.8, O.2.10

SCM 1:1 (“subsidy”) / SCM 3.1(a) (Annex I (Illustrative List of Export Subsidies), footnote 59) O.2.3

SCM 1.1(a)(1)(iv)/SCM 1.1(b) E.3.2.29

SCM 6.3(c) (existence of price suppression / price suppression as result of subsidy) O.2.9, S.2.19A.1, S.2.19B.3, S.2.19B.4.4-5

ordinary customs duties, definition

see also measures requiring conversion into ordinary customs duties (AG 4.2); Schedules of Concessions (GATT II), ordinary customs duties in excess of those provided for in Schedule (GATT II:1(b))

AG 4.2 A.1.10.4, A.1.13.1

GATT II:1(b) N.1.1A.3, T.1.1A.3


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