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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

“facts made available” (AD 17.5(ii)): see standard/scope of review (AB) (AD 17.6), “facts made available” (AD 17.5(ii))

“fairness and orderly procedure” (WP 16(1)) W.2.6A.1.2 W.2.6A.1.3

final resolution of dispute, adoption of panel or AB report by DSB (DSU 16.4, 19.2, 21 and 22) R.4.3.4–5 S.8.1

“financed”: see payments on export of agricultural product financed by virtue of governmental action (AG 9.1(c))

financial contribution: see subsidy, definition (SCM 1), financial contribution (SCM 1.1(a)(1))

food aid transactions (AG 10.4) A.1.29B.1 A.1.32B.1 A.1.33A.6 A.1.34B.1–2

“non-commercial transactions”, whether A.1.32B.1

fruitfulness requirement (DSU 3.7) L.1.10 M.1.7 M.6.1 P.3.1.13 P.3.7.2 P.4A.17 R.5.2 R.5.4 R.5.6 R.5.9

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