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The texts reproduced here do not have the legal standing of the original documents which are entrusted and kept at the WTO Secretariat in Geneva.

quantitative restrictions, general elimination (GATT XI:1) Q.1.1

see also non-discriminatory administration of quantitative restrictions (GATT XIII)

exclusions (GATT XI:2) Q.1.2


“critical shortage” Q.1.2.4–7

“general or local short supply” (GATT XX(j)) distinguished G.3.10A.1 Q.1.2.4 Q.1.2.9–10

“essential” Q.1.2.5

“foodstuff” Q.1.2.5

GATT XI:1/GATT XI:2(a) Q.1.2.2

“limited time” Q.1.2.8

meaning to be attributed to every word and phrase (effectiveness principle) Q.1.2.7

“prevent or relieve” Q.1.2.6

“prohibitions” Q.1.2.1–2

“quantitative restrictions” I.3.3.12 Q.1.1.1

“restrictions” Q.1.2.1–2

“temporarily” (GATT XI:2(a)) Q.1.2.3 Q.1.2.8

title as aid I.3.3.12 Q.1.1.1

quota modulation (SG 5.2(b)) S.1.37

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